The Winston County Natural Resources Council met on Thursday, May 16, on the Riley Jacobs Property in the Moreland Community.  The following members were present: John Creed, Jamie Segroves, Chris Horne, Paul Green, not pictured are Zac Brannon and Mike Henshaw.  The following topics were discussed:

  • Brown Spot Needle Blight on loblolly pines.  Jamie related the latest pathology concerning the fungal disease and how it could stress loblolly pines and set them up for future pine beetle infestations.
  • Chris said that Greg Bushey will be working to set up the 2024 Fishing Derby at the Black Warrior Work Center on Saturday, June 8.  Zac said that he would seek funds from the Winston County Commission to support the derby.  Mike moved to approve up to $1,500 if needed for the prizes and food for the derby.  John seconded, and all approved.
  • Jamie gave an update on the Council’s tax exempt status.  Casey and Matt Hannah have been working on additional IRS forms that will require approximately $200 to complete.  Zac moved to approve up to $300 for said forms, John seconded and all approved.
  • The six stations of the Forestry Field Day and their locations were finalized:
    • Update on the Pine Beetle Outbreak
    • Water Quality
    • Hunter Safety/Wildlife Openings
    • Wildlife Management in Pines
    • Prescribed Burns
    • Feral Swine Control and USDA incentive programs
  • A discussion of logistical issues including food, signage, shelters, passenger trailers, portable toilets, and emergency services.
  • Jamie said the Alabama Forestry Commission celebrated its 100th Anniversary in Millbrook this week, and over 250 Forestry Commission employees were in attendance.
  • Chris said the Forest Service still had a few prescribed burns scheduled for this year dependent on weather conditions.

The Field Day Walk-thru will be on Wednesday, May 29, at 9:30 am, at the Riley Jacobs Property.

Mike Henshaw, Secretary

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