TikTok has exploded in popularity since its inception, so much so other platforms like Instagram and YouTube have taken inspiration from their short-form content style.

Now though, it seems that TikTok may be looking at a future of photos like the other apps that are already out there.

This has been found through a blogger who has taken a deep dive into the app’s APK.

On Mar. 11, TheSpAndroid found a new ‘TikTok Photos’ platform in the latest available version (33.8.4).

While photos are already a feature on the video-sharing tool, in a slideshow format, this evidence would suggest a move to a completely new and separate app, aptly named ‘TikTok Photos.’

In the code unveiled by the Android-focused website, phrases like ‘your post has been shared to TikTok Photos’ and ‘reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts.’

More strings of text were found: ‘TikTok Photos will be launched soon, we hope to help you gain new audiences in the new app.

‘If the switch is on, we’ll sync your public photos to the new app, whether you close the pop-up or not.’

Although the data points to an imminent release, the Chinese-based social media hasn’t yet confirmed or announced any details relating to a new app or image-related features.

Over 170 million users could soon be banned from TikTok

The app’s creator has bigger things on their mind this week as The House of Representatives is voting today (Mar. 13) on the future of TikTok in the U.S.

Concerned over data and privacy issues, this vote is the first step in the process to outright ban the app.

If passed, it will then need the Senate to approve the Bill and Joe Biden to sign it. After, the creators Bytedance will have six months to divest itself.

TikTok were approached for comment.

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