Solo Stove’s well-regarded Pi Prime pizza oven is on sale for $50 off the asking price, bringing the total cost down to $300. This is part of a larger sitewide sale on Solo Stove products to celebrate Pi Day, a holiday that has everything to do with a famous mathematical constant and nothing to do with pizza.

Solo Stove

Grab a discount of $50 and turn your backyard into a pizza party wonderland. 

$300 at Solo Stove

Just head to Solo Stove and type “pizza” into the discount code box. This sale applies to every available product on the site, including fire pits, and the discounts increase as you spend more. For instance, purchasing two Pi Prime ovens will drop $120 off the final price.

As for the Pi Prime, it’s a fantastic gas-powered outdoor pizza oven. The original Pi made our list of the best pizza ovens and the Prime features a near-identical design. It’s made out of stainless steel and features a round form factor that’s just screaming to get stuffed with dough, cheese and sauce. The Pi Prime can hit a maximum cooking temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit and can fully cook a pizza in under 90 seconds.

The oven ships with a reversible pizza stone made from cordierite, which is the gold standard of pizza stone materials. It also comes with a cover to protect the oven from the elements. The Pi Prime features an open-air design, so there’s no door. This won’t impact the temperature inside of the oven, but will make it more difficult to accurately track that temperature. Of course, you’ll also need your own propane tank.

The rest of the sale breaks down as follows. Spending at least $150 provides a discount of $20. This shoots up to $50 when you spend $300. Spending $600 nets you a discount of $120 and spending $800 knocks $160 off the final price. Again, this is a sitewide sale that also applies to the company’s fire pits and accessories. The deals end on March 18.

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