There’s a big patch incoming for EAFC 24, probably the last before it gets put out to pasture and we have to begin all over again in the Fall.

The Spring Update will be the 11th patch since the game launched last year and seems to be rolling out as we speak.

Legendary AI difficulty will be changed up considerably and animations have been tweaked and added to.. When it comes to players we are also told that EA Sports has:

  • Updated some messages, button callouts, celebrations, balls, gloves, celebrations, boots, kits, badges, banners, flags, scarves, and tifos.
  • Added 86 star heads and updated 9, they will become visible in-game following a Server Release.

EAFC24 is not shy of leakers and data miners so social media will be full of images of the changes before too long we expect.

EAFC 24 Spring Update Highlights

You can check out EA Sports’ Trello Board here to see the full details of everything that has changed, along with other info about how things will play out

Based on the patch notes provided, here are the most important updates grouped into categories for clarity. These changes are likely to significantly impact gameplay, strategy, and player experience:

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Tiki Taka & Pinged Pass Changes: Adjustments to first-time pass accuracy and driven passes to balance play styles.
  • Jockey & Press Proven Modifications: Reduced sprint jockey speed and adjusted shielding effectiveness, making defensive play more nuanced.
  • Power Header & Dead Ball: Changes to ball speed from headers and reduced set piece preview line length to challenge precision in set pieces.
  • Significant PlayStyle Adjustments: Notable changes to Power Header+, Relentless, and Power Shot, reducing effectiveness in specific areas to encourage varied play.

Gameplay Overhauls

  • New Animations and AI Behavior: Introduction of new clearance and shooting animations, alongside adjustments to CPU AI, particularly for Legendary difficulty, to diversify gameplay.
  • Trickster PlayStyle Update: Replacement of the unique ball roll animation with a new one, indicating an emphasis on enhancing and diversifying player moves.

Ultimate Team Updates

  • Difficulty & Competitor Mode: Legendary difficulty in Squad Battles and single-player Ultimate Team Draft no longer uses Competitor Mode, potentially altering the challenge level.
  • Addressed Issues: Fixes to stadium lighting issues, UI display problems, and a stability issue related to viewing the Player Bio on Loan Items, aiming to improve the overall game experience.

General, Audio, and Visual Enhancements

  • Content Updates: Addition of new star heads, celebrations, balls, gloves, and more, enhancing the visual and interactive quality of the game.
  • Stability and UI Improvements: Efforts to address stability issues and incorrect or placeholder texts to improve game reliability and user interface clarity.

All of this and more should be with us by the time the server next updates.


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