Need kitchen drawer organization ideas? Here’s how to organize a junk drawer!

woman pointing inside organized junk drawer

Let’s tackle this mess once and for all with my kitchen drawer organization ideas.

Wondering how to organize a drunk drawer? From tackling the clutter to the very best way to fold all your kitchen towels, here’s how to easily get your messy junk drawers organized for the new year!

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open kitchen junk drawer with various messy stuff inside

I LOVE the feeling of everything having a place and I enjoy reading & watching easy organization ideas, which I’m sure is why you’re here too!

But I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most organized person in real life. My house may look super tidy where I photograph recipes and DIY projects, but the mess always seems to creep in behind the scenes. 😅

This brings me to my post…

hand pulling out sunglasses from organized kitchen drawer with towels

How to organize a junk drawer.

After the New Year, I’m always inspired to tackle a few spaces for a fresh start. I know the junk drawer can oftentimes be the most frustrating drawer for many people to get organized, stay functional, and look pretty. So, I’m here to help with a few easy kitchen drawer organization tips!

In fact, my Hip sidekick, Sara, recently organized her junk drawer too so we’ll both be sharing tips & pictures so you can see how well these kitchen drawer organization ideas work!

hand wiping down inside of dirty junk drawer

First, you’ll want to clear out your drawer completely. 

Starting with a fresh, clean slate when you’re organizing anything is key to perfecting a functional space. This enables you to assess the space you’re organizing and maximize every inch when putting the drawer contents back in.

piles of junk drawer stuff on wood table

Then, you’ll want to group everything so you know what you’re working with.

Group like-items together like batteries, paperclips, pencils, etc. This is also a great time to trash broken items, donate what you don’t need, and potentially put stuff that doesn’t belong in the junk drawer back in its permanent home.

Testing pens on an index card to verify they work

I also take this time to test all the pens and throw out ones that don’t work and sharpen pencils so every writing tool is ready to use when you need it.

hand holding black plastic organizers over table full of drawer organizers

Next, you’ll determine how many junk drawer organizers you need.

When it comes to kitchen drawer organization, storage containers are a must! Chances are you may already have a few organizers laying around, but in the chance you need to splurge on a new junk drawer organizer to tidy your space, here is a couple we recommend:

junk drawer organizing

If you really want to be sure your organizers don’t slide around, you can also cut a piece of non-slip shelf liner. It’s grippy and really works. 🙌🏻

Sometimes despite having the best “non-slip” organizers stuff can still get shuffled around. So to ensure this doesn’t happen, take this extra precaution to keep your space tidy long-term.

hand holding utensil organizer with stationary stuff inside

Then begin to fill your organizers!

Keeping your groups together, start to fill your organizers. If you have smaller organizers, save those for tiny items like paper clips, erasers, etc. to eliminate them getting shuffled with other items with daily use.

junk drawer organizer with batteries inside

Putting everything back in your “no longer junk drawer” is the fun part! 😍

But let’s not forget about those pesky towels. If you’re folding them in squares, your drawer will quickly end up messy again before you know it.

rolling up kitchen towels

One of my favorite kitchen drawer organization ideas is to roll your kitchen towels instead of folding them.

By simply folding your towels in half or thirds and then rolling them, your drawer will remain organized and more functional than it ever has!

Plus, you’ll be able to easily fit all your towels without struggling to stuff them back in each time.

rolled and organized kitchen towels inside drawer

This organizing hack also maximizes your drawer space & looks super pretty too! 😍 You may even discover extra space you didn’t have before allowing you to organize other things that once wouldn’t fit.

Hip Tip: My cotton kitchen towels from Williams Sonoma and are my absolute favorite! They’ll last for years! 🤩

Now that we’ve talked about kitchen drawer organization, let’s take a minute to admire our before and after photos:

Here’s my junk drawer before…yikes 😅

tons of clutter and junk in messy kitchen drawer

…And here’s my after! 🤩

organized junk drawer with towels and clear organizers for how to organize a junk drawer

A before & after like this makes me so happy! 🥰

Here’s my Hip sidekick, Sara’s junk drawer before…

open kitchen junk drawer with various messy stuff inside

…And here’s her after! 🤯

how to organize junk drawer with organizers and various stuff inside

I love how organized and put together our junk drawers look with very little effort on our part. 👏🏻 Not so junky after all, huh?! 😏

Tackling your messy drawers is a quick, easy way to eliminate the stress that takes up unnecessary space in your mind. I hope these easy kitchen drawer organization ideas were helpful!

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