Microsoft Edge has reportedly pulled its latest update, as users experience significant issues with the web browser.

The most recent update to long-term Google Chrome competitor Microsoft Edge (122.0.2365.63) has seemingly broken the browser, with many users reporting that the browser is virtually unusable. Following the update, the bug appeared, meaning Edge couldn’t load websites, producing an error message that ‘this page is having a problem’ or that there is ‘not enough memory to open this page.’

It didn’t just affect webpages but also some “in-Edge” features, including the Settings panel, bookmarks, or even just a new tab. This left the browser almost entirely unusable. For those whose browsers update automatically, it’s left them without access to Edge’s services without any warning.

Some users find a fix for the browser issues

Luckily, some users think they’ve found a fix, as reported by Tech Radar. However, it only really helps those who haven’t experienced the glitch yet, as it involves accessing Settings that are currently inaccessible — thanks to the bug.

If you’re in that lucky group, open Edge’s Settings, go to ‘Privacy, search and services,’ then scroll down to the Security box (nearly at the bottom), find the ‘Enhance your security on the web’ option, then turn it off. This should mean you don’t experience the same issues.

However, some users have stated that this fix didn’t prevent the issue. What’s more, there’s a reason that Edge’s enhanced security is applied as standard – for security. Turning it off leaves browsers potentially vulnerable to malicious actors online.

Bleeping Computer also reports that Microsoft has rolled back the recent update, presumably to patch the bug. That means when the update is re-released, it will be bug-free and revert people’s browsers back to complete working condition. There’s no word from Microsoft when to expect this at the time of writing.

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