Google’s Pixel Tablet can also serve as a smart display for your home, and if you’ve ever wanted to get one, todays’ the day. The company’s official Amazon store is selling the 256GB Pixel Tablet with a charging speaker dock for only $449 — that’s $150 less than retail and is an all-time low for the device on the website. It’s the first tablet with the Google Tensor G2 chip, which enables artificial intelligence-powered features such as high-quality video calls and smooth streaming, among other things. The 11-inch device is also the first tablet you can Chromecast to and use as an extra screen.


Get the Google Pixel Tablet with a $150 discount from Amazon.

$449 at Amazon

As a smart display, the Pixel Tablet can serve as a digital photo frame or a control center for your smart home devices. Its charging dock can keep it charged 24/7, and you can also use it as a speaker for when you want to play music. We gave the tablet a score of 85 in our review, praising it mostly for its abilities as a smart display. It responded well to our commands — if you want to use it to control connected devices with your voice, just wake it up by saying “Hey Google.” But it also comes with a Hub Mode that brings up a dashboard, showing your smart devices and giving you a quick way to monitor your security cameras or to switch lights on and off.

We also tried using the tablet as a TV substitute, since it has the capability to act as a Chromecast receiver. While it does work that way as Google promised, take note that the tablet has to be docked for you to be able to cast movies and shows to it. As a tablet, the device runs full Android and can open any app for the platform. It’s a better smart display than it is a tablet, but we still found the device enjoyable to use.

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