Keep your hands warm this winter!

hands in black mittens holding green rechargeable hand warmers

Amazon dropped the price on these popular hand warmers!

Jump on over to Amazon where you can grab this Rechargeable Hand Warmers 2-Pack for only $8.99 (regularly $14.99) – that makes each warmer just $5!

Women putting green hand warmer into coat pocket

These hand warmers feature three different temperature settings that range from 104-131°F, warm up in 2 seconds, and their snap feature allows you to use them individually or combine them into a single unit. Plus, these hand warmers can keep you warm for up to 20 hours when fully charged.

hand holding two Rechargeable Hand Warmers plugged into wall outlet

These hand warmers are perfect for tons of activities, including hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, winter hunting, snow golf, or even daily outdoor work and errands.

Still unsure? Check out these reviews & comments from Hip2Savers…

I thought these were a little silly. However, I then thought when I suffer from Raynauds Syndrome (when my fingertips turn white and are cold) I use these little handy warmers to warm them up and bring circulation back. Or when my toes are cold I slip them in my socks. I wish I hadn’t judged them lol.

I’m a nurse in the OR setting and they keep it freezing cold. I got these to keep in my scrub jacket pocket to provide indirect heat while I’m at work

I got my son and I each a set for Christmas and they are AWESOME. I didn’t realize the cute animal designs until we unboxed them. Worth the money for sure!

When used on high these things get really hot, and I was surprised at how quickly they heated up. I’ve used these in cold conditions already and I’m very happy with the concept. They’re also relatively lightweight. Don’t hesitate to take a few pairs of these with you on your outdoor adventures to have a backup.

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