Images created by artificial intelligence (AI) are notoriously bad at creating text – but that could be about to change with the release of Ideogram 1.0.

Dubbing itself ‘the most advanced text-to-image model’, Ideogram has raised $80 million in Series A funding, announced as the startup releases it’s first version of its text-to-image generation platform and new subscription model to the public.

With new generative AI tools launching all the time, having something to stand out in the crowded world of AI images is vital. Indeed, DALL-E recently took steps to protect its own work in an ever-bigger market.

One of the main selling points of Ideogram is its ability to generate text within AI-generated images, something other models often struggle with. AI-generated text on images will often appear as incomprehensible symbols or at best nonsense words in random orders.

However, Ideogram appears to be able to generate legible, relevant text within images, something that helps it stand out against its competitors. Ideogram suggests that its text-rendering capabilities could be used to create personalized memes, posters, and designs for any number of slogan products, such as T-shirt designs, birthday cards, logos and more.

Another feature Ideogram is promoting is its Magic Prompt option, which helps users write detailed prompts for their images. It appears to work much like a chat assistant, offering advice on how to fine-tune your prompts.

How does Ideogram work?

Just like DALL-E, Midjourney, and other AI text-to-image generators, users type in prompts to Ideogram and then click ‘generate’. The tool then delivers four images within 30 seconds, each offering a different interpretation of the given prompt. Subscribers can then download and freely use the images, or tweak and generate new image batches until satisfied.

You need an account to use Ideogram, with the free account offering 100 images (the equivalent of 25 prompts) per day. The basic account costs $7 a month, increasing your number of daily images to 400, PNG-quality images and 1600 priority-generation images per month. For $16 a month, you get unlimited daily images and 4000 priority-generation images a month. All three plans have no restrictions on what you can use the images for.

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