Humanity Protocol has secured strategic investment from top VCs, advancing its mission to create a sybil-resistant digital identity layer for Web3.

Humanity Protocol has emerged from stealth mode to announce a successful fundraising round, attracting strategic investments from over 20 leading venture capital firms. This funding initiative is a testament to the industry’s confidence in Humanity Protocol’s mission to create a sybil-resistant Layer 2 blockchain for digital identity and financial inclusion.

A Revolutionary Approach to Digital Identity Verificationity Protocol leverages state-of-the-art palm recognition technology combined with zero-knowledge proofs to ensure user privacy and security. This groundbreaking technology offers a non-invasive and accessible method for establishing Proof of Humanity, integral for interacting with Web3 applications while prioritizing user privacy and data security.

“We believe that technology should amplify human potential, not compromise it,” stated Terence Kwok, Founder of Humanity Protocol. “This funding is not just about building an ecosystem; it’s about fostering a global movement towards a secure digital future that includes everyone. With this support, we’re set to unveil our human-centric blockchain to the world, providing everyone with a private digital identity they own and control.”

Strategic Backing from Prominent Investors

The strategic investment round witnessed contributions from reputed crypto-native venture capital funds, including Hashed, CMCC, Cypher Capital, Foresight Ventures, and Mechanism Capital. These firms bring a wealth of experience and a global network crucial for scaling the protocol. Notably, Founding Humans Yat Siu and Sandeep Nailwal also made personal investments, underscoring the collaborative effort to build a more inclusive digital economy.

Empowering Development and Wider Adoption

The infusion of capital will expedite the development and deployment of Humanity Protocol. The immediate goals include the launch of a testnet, inviting global users to experience the protocol’s distinctive features firsthand, thus enhancing its scalability, efficiency, and user accessibility.

The Human Layer for an Inclusive Digital Economy

Humanity Protocol’s vision aligns with its investors’ dedication to fostering an equitable digital economy. The collaborative effort aims to create a framework where every individual can participate in the digital landscape with a secure and private digital identity.

The announcement of Humanity Protocol’s strategic funding marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital identity solutions. As the company prepares for its testnet launch, the tech community eagerly anticipates how this innovative platform will redefine privacy, security, and inclusion in the Web3 era.

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