Three international powerhouses in the electronic music scene, Grammy-winning DJ and producer Damon Sharpe, Japanese Tech House sensation AXON, and LA based vocalist Tima Dee, have joined forces to release the highly anticipated Latin Tech House single, “Casa De Techa.”

“Casa De Techa” finds its home on Drop Low Records, owned by the red-hot Mexican DJ, Andruss, who has exploded onto the scene with his hit “Freakitona.” adding an extra layer of excitement to its release. The track boasts percussive rhythms that pulse through the veins and horn stabs that command attention, showcasing the diverse influences shaping modern electronic music. Tima Dee’s catchy vocal sound bites breathe life into the track, making “Casa De Techa” an irresistible force on dance floors globally.

Check it out below!

Damon Sharpe Upcoming Tour Dates:

March 8: Splash Down Festival | Miami, FL

March 20: The Kickoff at Rácket Wynwood

March 23: Daywalkers II at Greystone Rooftop | Phoenix, AZ

April 6: Almost Famous 

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