For most people, AI is just not a tool they use daily – in last week’s poll the majority has not used AI besides maybe a few quick experiments to see what all the buzz is about. However, a third of voters do find occasional use for it and some 15% even use AI daily.

Weekly poll results: AI is not widely used yet, but it has a wide variety uses

What do they use it for? Surprisingly, gaming was by far the least common answer, despite being the first of the current branch of AI to be deployed at scale – Nvidia launched the GeForce 20 series in 2019 with DLSS and has kept improving it ever since.

The chat bot topped the chart – people use ChatGPT and others to get answers quickly, to write and debug code, to punch up an email and so on.

The second biggest use case is image generation – modern AI tools can create a bespoke wallpaper for free, for example. Related to that are tools that can upscale and/or deblur images and videos.

Weekly poll results: AI is not widely used yet, but it has a wide variety uses

Translation, transcription and text to speech are other common uses for AI, though the term is so broad and there are so many new tools that the “Other” category actually ended up in third place.

That’s why the news feed is abuzz with “AI this, AI that”. So many companies old and new are trying out new uses for the technology. With the price of computing power constantly falling and new developments in computer science, it looks like AI isn’t going away this time (though another AI winter is always a possibility).

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