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Neil Patrick Harris, 50, made his TikTok debut this week and included his adorable 13-year-old twins, daughter Harper Grace and son Gideon Scott. The actor was hilariously corrected by the teens, who he shares with husband David Burtka, and even showed off his dance moves at one point, as they filmed the entertaining clip.

“Ok, ok. Are you guys so excited?” Neil first asked the twins, in the beginning of the video. After they assured him they weren’t sure of his next move, he said, “I’m joining the TikTac.” Gideon was quick to correct him by saying, “TikTok,” as he rubbed his head and Harper stayed silent, seeming unsure of their dad’s actions.


Okay, Tokkers. Let’s do this!

♬ original sound – nph

Neil then went on to say he would soon “have so many followers” before using the Gen Z viral term, “rizz,” meaning charisma. “I’m gonna ramp up my rizz,” he said before Gideon interrupted him to advise he “never, ever say that again.” Neil also said his new TikTok account would make him “a snack,” as Harper let out a shriek and covered her face.

The video was topped off with Neil busting some moves, including some leg kicks and arm movements, while solo in front of the camera. Harper could be heard saying, “It’s too cheesy,” before her dad quit and walked away right before the video ended.

Although Neil’s kids were funny critics of his first TikTok video, his fans took to the comments section to express their love of it. “NPH is in his cringy dad era and I’m here for it 😂😂,” one fan wrote, while another shared, “My favorite is when celebrities, no matter how legendary, are still just dad to their kids.” A third called the clip “legendary.”

Before Neil posted his TikTok debut, he and David spoke to PEOPLE about they rank as parents out of their children’s friend group. “We’re definitely told we’re the coolest parents out of all the friend groups,” David said before Neil added, “I didn’t realize it was a competition!” with a laugh.

“You hope as kids get older that they want to share more with you, and are willing to tell you when things are happening as opposed to just keeping you out of the loop. So that’s nice to hear,” Neil also said.


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