Humane, a Bay Area AI startup, has announced a slight delay in the shipment of its highly anticipated Ai Pin, pushing the release from March to mid-April. This update was shared by Sam Sheffer, the company’s Head of Media, in a recent video. According to Sheffer, the first units are expected to leave the factory by the end of March, with “priority access” customers receiving their devices in mid-April and other preorders following shortly after.

The Ai Pin, Humane’s debut product, has generated significant buzz in the tech community, thanks in part to the founders’ backgrounds at Apple and a series of intriguing prelaunch teasers. Revealed last November in San Francisco, the $699 Ai Pin represents a pioneering venture into the use of generative AI in consumer hardware, positioning itself as a novel alternative to the traditional smartphone form factor.

As the tech industry leans increasingly toward integrating generative AI into consumer devices, Humane’s Ai Pin is set to be among the first to explore this new territory. This move aligns with the broader trend of “AI smartphones” and other AI-first consumer devices, such as those showcased by startup rabbit at CES last month.

According to TechCrunch, Humane has raised approximately $230 million to date, including a $100 million Series C round last year, underscoring the high stakes of the Ai Pin’s launch. The company’s decision to delay the release to ensure the product is consumer-ready reflects a cautious approach to fulfilling the high expectations set for this innovative device.

Despite a recent 10% workforce reduction announced at CES, which raised eyebrows given the company’s well-funded status, Humane remains focused on delivering a product that meets the needs and expectations of its early adopters.

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