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Elle Macpherson appeared on the Style DNA podcast this week and admitted she only wears an “eye mask” and “a smile” to bed. The Australian model, who turns 60 on March 29, also opened up about how she stays confident as she ages through the years. She is known for her 1980s Sports Illustrated covers and continues to inspire women everywhere with her beauty and strength.

“I go to bed with a smile. I go to bed with a happy heart. And an eye mask. … No clothes. My skin,” Elle told host Amanda Wakeley during the episode. She also admitted she stays away from caffeine, eats her last meal at 5 p.m., and enjoys a hot chocolate before going to sleep.

Every morning, Elle also meditates for 25 minutes before taking on the day. She then takes a bike ride to the beach and takes a dip in the ocean. She continues staying active by doing yoga exercises at sunrise before going on to do more cycling and swimming as well as hiking.

Some other ways she helps to treat her body is through infrared saunas and cold plunges that ease her muscles and decrease inflammation after working out. She doesn’t have set schedules when it comes to her daily routines and prefers to “go with the flow.” Elle, who is a big believer in “energy healing,” also books regular appointments for acupuncture, chiropractic, and breath work, and eats a plant-based diet, including meals made at home “with love.”

Elle’s skin care routine is also extensive and includes scrubbing with a body brush to “to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, clear my system of any toxins, and exfoliate my body for smooth, soft skin.” She also juices up four times a day and follows a $1400 skincare routine from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

When Elle’s not working on her daily and nightly routines, she’s still posing for epic gorgeous photos. In November, she was the cover model for Body +Soul magazine. She wore a white tank top and matching bottoms as her long hair was down and she flashed a confident smile.


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