Sons of the Forest, the highly-anticipated follow-up to The Forest has finally come out of Early Access after a year or so and hands with a massive V1 patch and a host of great new content. 

I played a lot of Sons when it first came out, it was a bit janky as you would expect but there were standout moments that took this survival game above the majority of clones. And injured sidekick Kelvin became a huge internet meme as well which was funny.

Now, even though every game these days seems to be a survival game, Sons of the Forest is muscling in to show that it has been here and done that before when it comes to crafting a great experience.

The team at Endnight Games posted on Steam, “We are super excited for you guys to play all the new additions, changes and fixes. If you have an older save game it will still work, but we recommend starting a fresh save if you want to experience the story and all the new features fully.

The biggest features, improvements, and balance changes are listed below, but beyond this list there are many more small fixes and improvements.”

While considerably shorter than the recent BG3 patch notes, there is still a huge list to get through so we have pulled out some of the more notable changes in Sons of the Forest V1 for a quick browse below.

20 notable features from Sons of the Forest v1.0 Patch Notes:

– New title scene and end credits with enhanced visuals and music.

  • – Introduction of a new choice for an alternate ending.
  • – Addition of 5 new cutscenes.
  • – Updated voice acting and added details to several cutscenes.
  • – Implementation of proximity voice chat with environment-specific filters.
  • – Creative mode unlocked upon completing the game story, featuring an alternate inventory and the ability to skip build animations.
  • – Addition of Raccoons and enhanced climbing abilities for squirrels and raccoons.
  • – Introduction of 2 new mutants: Legsy and Holey.
  • – New mutant variation ‘Spotty’ added.
  • – Implementation of a new sickness system based on consumption of unclean water or bad food.
  • – Significant additions and reworks to story item pickups and world details.
  • – Renaming of glider to Foldable glider with improved functionality.
  • – Golf Carts now feature radio decks and a GPS screen.
  • – Enhanced world details including new Jianyu camps and environment tweaks.
  • – Addition of NPC Timmy to hell cave.
  • – Introduction of 2 final artifact pieces enabling new crafting capabilities.
  • – Jianyu helicopters interact with the player by taking off and hovering over structures.
  • – Introduction of dying tactical soldiers with red flares to guide players.
  • – New campfire smoke signals from cannibal villages visible from a distance.
  • – Addition of a new cave accessible after completing the end game sequence.

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