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Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse, 31, said goodbye to their twin Suite Life characters Cody and Zack Martin in 2011. But according to a candid new interview, they’re not opposed to appearing onscreen together — a reunion could happen. When asked by Men’s Health if the twins have “discussed working on anything together again, Cole confirmed they have.

“Yeah, we actually have,” Cole told the magazine for a recent interview. “It’s not off the table!” However, the Lisa Frankenstein star added a caveat. “A lot of the stuff that’s twin-y is pretty lame; the twin thing can become a circus act if it’s not done well,” he explained. “And honestly, most of the time when it is done well, it’s usually one actor trying to show off by playing both twins. So it’s just about finding something that’s cool and interesting and that actually plays with the twin idea a little deeper than, like, ‘What if you said something at the same time?’” 

Cole and Dylan Sprouse
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In 2020, Dylan also opened up about the possibility of a reunion, expressing a similar sentiment. “It would have to be right,” he told HollywoodLife exclusively at the Miracle Workers: Dark Ages premiere in New York. “A lot of the times when they want to cast my brother and I, it’s really stupid sh**. So it would have to be something good and tasteful.”

In his Men’s Health interview, Cody hilariously opened up about a notable joint role that escaped the famous brothers in their youth.  “My brother and I auditioned for Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat when we were younger,” he divulged. “We showed up to this dance studio, and our mom had put us in these stupid Thing One and Thing Two outfits to try and get the gig, and it was horrible. The casting directors were like, ‘Go wild.’ That was their only direction, because that’s what Thing One and Thing Two do—they just go apesh**.”

However, he explained, it didn’t go well, and the brothers lost the role. “You tell two seven-year-olds to go wild, and they’ll go wild,” he recalled. “We broke a mirror on one of the walls of the dance studio and then somehow ended up in a full-on fistfight, totally unprompted. It was one of maybe the worst callback auditions we’ve ever done but one of the ones that stick out the most. Needless to say, we did not get the part.”

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