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Barbra Streisand’s prolific career goes back to the 1960s. From her film work to her music, the EGOT performer has had the support from her husband, James Brolin, since they got married in 1998. Now that she’s receiving the SAG Life Achievement Award at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards, it’s likely that James will be by her side at the annual ceremony. 

Keep reading to learn more about Barbra and James’ marriage, and find out who she’s dated in the past. 

James Brolin 

Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin
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The A Star Is Born actress first met James in 1996 after her friends set them up. The pair quickly hit it off and got married two years later. 

In her memoir, My Name Is Barbra, the actress recalled that she wasn’t looking for anyone to fall in love with when she met James. In one excerpt of her book, Barbra wrote that meeting him came “at a point in my life when I had basically given up on finding someone. And frankly, I was all right with being on my own.”

“I think the real reason our relationship has endured is that we’re both willing to work at it,” the Meet the Fockers star explained. “Jim and I are very different. As he’s said to me, ‘You’re an expert at looking for what’s wrong, while I’m just happy to wake up in the morning.’ (He’ll live much longer than me. He keeps saying he’s going to live to be 100, and recently upped it to 110. He probably will, with that attitude.)”

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings
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Barbra was in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Peter Jennings from 1996 through 1996. Peter was an ABC World News Tonight anchor and journalist. The details surrounding their former relationship remain unclear, but Peter died in 2005 when he was 87. 

Richard Baskin 

Richard Baskin and Barbra Streisand
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For about four years, Barbra dated film composer and producer Richard Baskin from 1983 to 1987. 

Jon Peters

Jon Peters and Barbra Streisand
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Barbra and Jon dated from 1973 to 1982. Jon was a producer on Barbra’s hit 1976 film A Star Is Born, but they first met while he worked as a hair dresser on her film For Pete’s Sake in 1973. 

During a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jon referred to Barbra as “the love of my life,” and he admitted that he “owed her.” 

“She was probably the love of my life. Yeah. She was the most captivating, interesting, creative person I have ever met,” Jon told the publication. “I owe her. I will always owe her for giving me the life that I’ve had.”

The two maintained a friendship long after their romance ended, as he told the outlet that he “just talked to her yesterday” at the time.  

“I saw her on the cover of W,” Jon pointed out. “She looks gorgeous. I said, ‘You look 20 years old. The legs!’” Nevertheless, he didn’t directly tell her that he voted for controversial former president Donald Trump during the 2016 election. 

“She would not talk to me if she knew,” Jon added about Barbra if she had found out that he voted for the businessman. 

Elliot Gould 

Elliot Gould and Barbra Streisand
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Barbra married actor Elliot Gould in 1963. The two share their child, Jason Gould, who even co-starred with his mother in The Prince of Tides. 

Elliot and Barbra ended up splitting in 1969 and finalized their divorce in 1971. 

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