The music scene is abuzz with the release of “In The Middle,” a groundbreaking single that represents a powerful collaboration between the dynamic duo Smith & Sorren and the innovative Jay Roman. Garnering widespread praise, this track is a masterclass in musical fusion, blending sultry vocal samples, a driving bassline, and intricate percussion to craft an immersive listening experience. The single’s instant appeal is a clear reflection of the artists’ collective prowess and creativity.

Hailing from New York City, Smith & Sorren have made significant waves in the music industry as a DJ/Producer duo. Their journey from childhood friends to prominent musical figures is a story of relentless passion and evolving artistry. Known for their fresh sound, they’ve secured positions on prestigious Spotify editorial playlists and have been featured on platforms such as SiriusXM, Insomniac Radio, and Dash Radio. Their remix of “Baddest Of Them All” by Eliza Rose stands out as a particularly notable achievement, further solidifying their status in the music realm. The launch of their own label, S&S Sound House, in the summer of 2023, highlights their dedication to influencing and innovating within the music industry.

Jay Roman adds a unique flair to the mix, drawing from his diverse musical upbringing and early immersion in New York’s vibrant club scene. His signature deep tech house sound, enriched with elements of hip-hop, sets his work apart, making him a standout figure for his innovative productions and memorable live performances.

“In The Middle” is a testament to the seamless integration of Smith & Sorren’s dynamic energy and Jay Roman’s unique sound. This collaboration not only showcases the individual talents of each artist but also raises the bar for what can be achieved through musical partnerships. Available on all major streaming platforms, the track invites audiences to dive into the distinctive soundscapes crafted by Smith & Sorren and Jay Roman, offering a fresh and exciting listening experience.


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