Looking for the best deals at Sam’s Club? Our favorites at Sam’s Club will save you BIG money!

woman by rotisserie chickens at Sam's Club

Wondering what to buy at Sam’s Club?

We know shopping at Sam’s Club can be overwhelming; so, we’re helping you plan a successful shopping trip and sharing the best things to buy the next time you’re planning a trip!

Our team’s favorites at Sam’s Club can’t be found anywhere else and nor can you beat the bulk prices. If you’re not already a member, don’t wait for another second to score these hot buys.

Here are our team’s favorites at Sam’s Club:

1. Member’s Mark Paper Towels have unbeatable prices & last longer.

packages of orange paper towels stacked on store bulk aisle

Stock up on paper goods at Sam’s Club where they carry rock-bottom prices on their Member’s Mark Super Premium Paper Towels. Tons of readers have said it’s comparable to Bounty, so it’s no wonder it’s a top item on every club member’s shopping list!

You can score a pack of 15 mega rolls, each with 150 sheets, priced at just $1.33 each! Plus, you can save even more whenever these items have Instant Savings available.

“The paper towels are a favorite around here and are always on the top of my shopping list! I like that they are individually wrapped and they’re super cheap and good!” – Sharon, Hip2Save reader

2. Member’s Mark Toilet Paper is better than Charmin and just over 50¢ per roll!

pack of bath tissue sitting on pile

Speaking of paper products, you just can’t go wrong buying in bulk when they never expire, which is why you should also be taking advantage of their incredible Member’s Mark toilet paper prices the next time you’re in the club. Their toilet paper is one of our favorites at Sam’s Club and many readers think it’s even better than the top leading name brands and priced at just 49¢ per roll — it’s a bargain buy you can’t beat anywhere else!

3. Sam’s Club Rotisserie Chicken is cheaper, bigger, & more delicious than all other grocers. 

row of rotisserie chicken under heat lamp

If you’ve never been to Sam’s Club, you’ll want to sign up for a membership just to try their delicious daily-made Member’s Mark rotisserie chickens! At just $4.98 per 3lb chicken, this is a steal compared to most other grocery stores (even Costco’s chicken is a penny more)! 😉

Marinated and seasoned with Lawry’s Seasonings, these irresistible chickens are roasted to a perfect golden brown. Enjoy them in pasta, soups, salads, or simply by themselves, these juicy chickens make weekday dinners a whole lot easier and so much more delicious!

Rotisserie Chicken, one of our favorites at Sam's Club

“We love the rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club and get it all the time. It is delicious and like you said, always juicy – best rotisserie out there!” – Nora, Hip2Save reader

“I love Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken. Anytime I buy it somewhere else I’m always super disappointed with the regular grocery store one and realize they’re half the size and twice the cost!” – Callie, Hip2Save reader

4. Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes are under 3¢ per wipe.

members mark disinfecting wipes

Stock up on store-brand cleaning products like these highly rated Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes 4-Pack at Sam’s Club. You can grab this 4-pack of wipes for only $10.94, which is just 4¢ per wipe! Even better, when they go on sale, you can often grab this huge pack for just $7.48 after Instant Savings!

5. Member’s Mark Organic Maple Syrup gives your breakfast tons of bang for your buck.

hand pulling out maple syrup carton from bulk store shelf

If you won’t settle for anything less than real maple syrup, Sam’s Club is going to be your best bet at scoring this sweet (and typically high-priced) grocery item for the best price! In fact, even Target’s cheapest maple syrup from their affordable Good & Gather line is still $4 more; ALDI, which is known for its low prices, still can’t even top this low price – and neither of them is even organic!

When you score the Member’s Mark organic maple syrup, you’ll get the very best sap from wild maples made by 5th-generation master sugar makers. Plus, there are no preservatives or artificial anything!

Not available in your club? Look for the just as delicious original version of this maple syrup, and save a few cents in the process!

hand holding Kerrygold butter

Other team Sam’s Club grocery favorites include…

  • Cherry tomatoes: A giant container is $5 compared to the $3-4 of the small container at grocery stores.
  • Salmon: Great selection of wild caught and sashimi grade salmon — Hip2Save’s Monica almost exclusively buys her salmon at Sam’s!
  • Energy drinks: The price per can is usually the best at Sam’s Club.
  • Kerrygold Butter: This keto staple is as good as gold (hence, the name), and you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.
  • Orange juice: Hip2Save’s Liza is a fan of the Member’s Mark OJ, not only because it’s cheaper than Walmart’s Great Value juice, but it tastes better than the name brand!
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese: Stock up on the 4-count 8-ounce block packs so you always have some on hand, and for less than the cost at regular grocery stores.
  • Coffee syrups: They have a decent selection of the popular Torani syrups, perfect for the festive latte season! Homemade PSL, anyone?

6. The Sam’s Club premade foods and bakery section has everything you need for a celebration!

shopping cart filled with packs of deli cupcakes and cookies

When it comes to the bakery at Sam’s Club, it’s a no-brainer since their prices are lower than other grocery stores, and definitely lower than a boutique bakery, yet the products are ALWAYS delicious! Next time you have a birthday celebration, holiday soirée, or a party “just because”, start at Sam’s to savor the savings and impress your guests at the same time. We especially love the seasonal treats, like chocolate covered strawberries, huge pumpkin pies, and much more.

Sam’s Club also has delicious prepared meals that can save you time and stress in the kitchen! Several Hip team members shared their love for the pre-made meals for easy weeknight dinners as well as simplifying the spread for large family get-togethers. Have anyone coming for brunch? Hip2Save’s Alli is a huge fan of their cinnamon rolls and says Costco’s just aren’t the same.

7. At just 8¢ each, Member’s Mark Trash Bags are one of our favorites at Sam’s Club.

blue box of trash bags sitting on stack in bulk store

Countless Hip2Save readers have said they’ll never buy trash bags anywhere else after scoring them for such a fantastic price at Sam’s Club! You can find the Member’s Mark brand in various scents like Lavender & Fresh Clean or stick to the original unscented. Regardless, you’ll only pay about 10¢ per bag which makes this one of the BEST Sam’s Club products!

Compared to Costco’s 200-pack of trash bags priced at $19.99 and Target’s Up & Up 120-pack priced at $16.79, we know you’re getting the best deal around! (And that’s no trash talk, it’s just real talk!) 😅

8. Member’s Mark Paper Plates are made in the USA & incredibly durable.

stack of paper plates in top of store cart

Always going through paper plates at home? Whether host a lot of get-togethers, tend to gift neighbors goodies on disposable plates often, or your family just loves a quick cleanup after dinner, the Member’s Mark paper plates are sure to be the best price around! Compared to Target’s Up & Up plates, you’ll save around $5 buying them in bulk at Sam’s!

Not only are they affordable, but they can even go in the microwave and are also super durable with their advanced soak protection, cut-resistant, and grease-resistant abilities — they’re even made in the USA to top it off! It’s no wonder tons of our Hip2Save readers swear by them!

9. Another one of our favorites at Sam’s Club is the Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery which can easily feed an army on a budget.

hand holding a bulk box of clear cutlery

Need some utensils to go with your disposable plates? Plenty of our Hip2Save readers are passionate about the quality and bang for your buck you get with their Member’s Mark Premium Cutlery, too!

With 360 individual pieces, that means you’ll have 120 complete sets to feed unlimited guests, a large event, or they’ll last even longer if it’s just you and your family.

10. Score over-the-counter Member’s Mark Allergy Medicine for over $15 less than other off-brands!

packaged of members mark allergy medicine on store aisle

Most of us would never put a price on our health, but if you or someone you love struggles with seasonal allergies daily, just know there are affordable options on the market. Even Hip2Save’s Liza said her doctor recommended that she get her allergy medicine from Sam’s!

At Sam’s Club, you can score their Member’s Mark Aller-itin Loratadine Tablets (400-count) for around 12 bucks! Compared to 2 packs of Target’s 200-count similar allergy tablets sold by their affordable Up & Up brand, you’ll be saving around $28 – relief for you and your wallet. 😏

value size of Mucinex medication on shelf

Monica from the Hip2Save team also shops for Mucinex and most other meds at Sam’s. They’re so much cheaper and come in large quantities. This is great for families because usually when one person gets sick, it’s not too long until the rest of the house gets it too!  🙈

Hip Tip: While we think this product is great and comes highly recommended by many of our Hip2Save readers, we aren’t doctors, therefore, before buying & using any medications always consult with your doctor first. 

11. Even the biggest Dawn fans are switching to Member’s Mark Liquid Dishwashing Soap.

two bottles of blue dish soap on store floor

If you’re a big fan of Dawn, you’ll want to start buying Sam’s Club Member’s Mark dish soap to make clean-up more frugal than ever! Plus, compared to Target’s Up & Up Dawn knockoff soap, priced at $7.59 and with 25 fewer ounces, Sam’s Club dish soap is the biggest value to make life sparkly clean. It’s one of our favorite Sam’s Club products.

“A loyal Dawn customer for years. Not anymore. This dish soap is just as great for a fraction of the price. Cuts grease and plenty of suds. A great product!” – Kathy, Sam’s Club Member 

12. Celebrate with unique Sam’s Club seasonal decor that can’t be found anywhere else!

Sam's Club Spring Vintage Truck wit Carrot-theme design

Looking to scoop up seasonal or holiday decorations? Sam’s Club has a ton of fun items that you won’t find anywhere else! Between huge Halloween inflatables and figurines, outdoor Christmas decorations and ornaments, spring doormats and more, Sam’s Club is one of our favorite places to grab seasonal merchandise you can’t find anywhere else, all at awesome prices.

As one example, right now you can grab these adorable spring-inspired decorative vintage trucks.

13. Spoil the kiddos with Sam’s Club’s infamous inflatables.

Bounce Pro My First Waterslide Splash And Slide

It may seem early in the year to start thinking about summer toys, but trust us, these inflatable toys sell our almost every single year. If you’re looking for fun and impressive seasonal toys, make Sam’s Club a stop on your list! This Bounce Pro inflatable has almost 1,200 5-Star reviews!

Bonus: Make sure to grab gift cards when they’re marked 25% off!

display of gift cards at Sam's Club

Sure, Sam’s Club is a fantastic place to score essentials for your home and great prices on groceries, but if you’re also in the market for some easy gifts, you won’t want to miss their incredible one-day sales where you can score gift card bundles to retail stores, movie theaters, & restaurants with savings up to 25% off or more!

You can find these deals at their gift card kiosk or check out their gift card selection online – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

“The extreme value gift cards are a great deal and make Sam’s Club membership a reasonable value even for single folks if they frequent one of the restaurants that are featured.” – Heather, Hip2Save reader

“The main thing I buy is gift cards at 20% off to places I frequent. Pair that savings up with being a member of restaurants’ rewards clubs, and it really adds up!” – Patricia, Hip2Save reader

Convinced you should be shopping our favorites at Sam’s Club from now on?

Hand holding up a sams club membership card

If you’re not a Sam’s Club member yet, there is a hot new deal going for new members! For a limited time, you can get a 1-year membership to Sam’s Club for $25 – that’s half off!

sam's club instant savings book coupons

Hip Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book filled with all of the great monthly deals. Once you’ve become a member, this happy mailer will come with so many great savings inside!

Check the latest Sam’s Club deals right here!

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