three Pet-Pourri Ped Odor Eliminator Spray 16oz bottles

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This Pet-Pourri spray is just like Poo-Pourri but for pet odor instead of… your odor! 😉 All you have to do is spritz 2-4 sprays on a stinky surface or into the air and the odors will disappear! It eliminates 99% of the toughest odors, including urine, which is perfect if you’re potty-training.

Note that this is not pet shampoo so do not spray directly on your pet.

Here’s the savings breakdown…

dog sitting with Pet-Pourri Ped Odor Eliminator Spray 16oz Bottle

Pet-Pourri Ped Odor Eliminator Spray 16oz

Check out this pawsome and helpful review…

My cat Lucy has a cattitude problem. Any time we move a piece of furniture or disturb her environment in any way she expresses her intense displeasure by peeing on something. It’s often a bed or my nice electric lounger faux suede couches! I’ve spent so much money trying different odor eliminators I could have had a nice start on a college fund for my son. I ordered the Pet-Pourri with a bit of health skepticism, a lot of desperation, and a dash of mom guilt. To my delight, it works. One application on the cat tree and mattresses, two applications on her favorite “cat box” couch cushion. It’s been about two weeks and the urine smell is still gone. There is still a very light lavender smell but you have to get inches away to smell it.

To address some concerning comments in other reviews 1) I love the smell, but I know that’s going to be different for everyone. 2) It has not left a residue that I can feel. 3) The company says it is safe for animals, but I keep them away until it’s completely dried because essential oils can be toxic to pets if ingested. I definitely recommend trying this one. It’s a winner for me, although Lucy is giving me the evil eye and planning her retribution.

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