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Jermaine Dupri, 51, has officially spoken out after the Louis Vuitton socks he wore during the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show went viral. The rapper came out to perform mid-way through Usher‘s stage time at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday and wore a black and white outfit that included the white socks with black loafers. The footwear immediately got attention and various social media users started sharing photos and discussing the look in posts, with some even comparing the shoes and socks to black buckle shoes with white ruffled socks that a lot of little girls are known to wear.

“Haaa!! ok I ain’t have time for y’all last night I was too drunk, me and my homies performed at the Super Bowl!so I’m just really seeing y’all got me f*cked up !!” he wrote in the caption of a close-up photo of the socks and a meme, which he posted on Monday. “But I will say it’s funny as hell,yoooo!! @pharrell 🤣🤣 you see this !? PS we came into this game with our clothes on backwards, i ain’t no regular n*gga 🤣🤣.”

Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine’s message about his socks. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Jermaine’s lighthearted reaction to the jokes about his socks comes after he wowed with his performance at the big game. Usher was also joined by other talented musicians on stage, including Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Lil Jon, and H.E.R., during the entertaining show. It proved to be a fun moment in the midst of the intensity on the field between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

In addition to posting about the socks on social media, Jermaine spoke with ET about the funny viral moment and the performance in general. “It’s really, really funny but, you know, them Louis Vuitton socks I had on — I don’t know what everybody talking about,” he said.

“It’s amazing to be up there with your friends and to be up there with people that you basically started,” he also added. “When we first worked, [it was] the first time he ever had a No.1 record so to be up there was… definitely, definitely amazing.”

Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine’s look during his Halftime Show performance. (Getty Images)

Jermaine also revealed that Usher’s epic appearance at the Super Bowl was planned for a while. “When the Super Bowl was in Atlanta, they messed up and they didn’t let him do it,” he recalled. “We thought about it after the fact, you know, when an artist gets that big, you gotta let them do what they gotta do.”

“People know our connection… I helped him put together his show in Vegas,” he continued. “I was thinking about this a long time ago. Not him doing Super Bowl, but just something that looked like this.”

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