So far in Infinite Craft, we have looked at how to make monsters such as Godzilla and the Loch Ness Monsters. Then we created life and made some humans, potentially for the monsters to eat. Because we are nice like that. You have to feed your pets.

But beyond our monsters wreaking havoc (Gozilla + City = Destruction if you wanted a bonus item) we thought we could have a look at some more natural and man-made disasters that we can then drop onto things to see what comes out of the other end. 

There is a ton of clever stuff and lots of Easter Eggs in Infinite Craft, so stick around to the end and we will give you one of our favorite ones so far.

How to cause a disaster in Infinite Craft

An image of workflow in Infinite Craft

So we can get to some basic natural disasters pretty quickly when we start a new game.

Let’s start by mixing Fire+Earth = Lava

Now if we mix Lava with itself – Lava + Lave = Volcano

Now we can start having fun. When we get to the point of having a City, you can mix Volcano + City and you get, guess what? Correct history fans, Pompeii.

Earthquakes are also pretty simple to get to and can be a lot of fun later. There are a few ways you can craft an earthquake, but you can use Destruction (as mentioned above) and mix it with a Tsunami (Ocean+Flood) to get it. Then, once you have towns and cities you can throw an earthquake on there to get Ruins and the like.

Moving on to a hero of a natural disaster we can combine Human with Flood and we get Noah. If we now put Noah with Water we get his Ark. Cool, now we can have his animals from the flood.

But let’s try a man-made disaster and for this, we are going to make the Titanic – the famous unsinkable passenger liner, that sank. Start with the following:

Ark  + Ark = Ship

Now we need to sink it, so combine it with the Loch Ness Monster we made and you will get a Sinking Ship. Now mix the Sinking Ship + Flood = Titanic.

Oh, and that Easter Egg we mentioned. Add Human+Titanic and you get Jack, who you might know better as the Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie. You can also mix Citizen with the Titanic if you have it to get to Survivor.

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