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Taylor Lautner, 31, had his fans laughing this week, when he took to TikTok to share a hilarious video of himself posing in the black sparkly dress that his wife, Tay Lautner, 26, wore to the 2024 NFL Honors on Thursday. He sat in a chair with his legs crossed while wearing the sequin-filled long-sleeved fashion choice, and added sunglasses as a funny voiceover about garbage played over the clip.

“I woke up this morning and I felt like absolute garbage. For anybody that wants to know what garbage is it’s French for trash,” Taylor lip synced in the video.



@Tay Lautner’s post for context #garbagè

♬ original sound – Bunnie 🎪

Tay also posted a different video of Taylor in the dress. It started out with her opening a door while wearing the piece. A voiceover that has been heard in the animated television series Family Guy can then be heard. “Oh, crap,” he lip synced before it flashed to show Taylor standing and wearing the same dress. “Well one of us is gonna have to change,” he then lip synced.

“Well this is awkward @Taylor Lautner,” Tay also captioned the epic post before followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts. “WHY IS HE SLAYING IS,” one follower wrote. “I know!!!???” Tay replied.


Well this is awkward @Taylor Lautner

♬ one of us is gonna have to change – xoxoclips

Taylor and Tay’s funny videos come after they wowed on the red carpet of the 2024 NFL Honors event. Taylor changed into a brown jacket and matching pants while Tay remained in the pretty black dress. They wrapped their arms around each other during their photo session and looked adorably in love.

The lovebirds have been married since 2022 and haven’t been shy about sharing details about their love story. In November, they shared the biggest lesson they’ve learned a year after saying “I do,” in an interview with PEOPLE. “Communication is key,” is what they feel is most important.

“Taylor and I have very different communication styles,” Tay told the outlet. “And so when we do get in a … I don’t even want to say an argument, because we don’t really argue. But when we do get in a conversation or disagreement, whatever, and we’re talking through it, he knows that I go mute and don’t really speak. And Taylor can process his emotions.”


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