If you’ve bemoaned the passing of Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood, fear not, Las Vegas always delivers on its promise of new, shiny and sexy AF.

Planet Hollywood has released renderings of Glass Bar, replacing Heart Bar, and they’re hawt, as the kids say.

Glass Bar opens in winter 2024. Planet Hollywood is challenging to get into, but Glass Bar might make it worth running the maze.

Suck it, A.I. Humans still rock.

After our first photo is usually where we brag that we were the first to share the news about something, such as the name of this new lounge. Which is the case here, but we have to share credit with Travel Ruby, so everything is ruined.

Glass Bar does what Heart Bar didn’t. Heart Bar always felt sort of closed off and hidden, Glass Bar is showy and transparent.

Here’s a blurb from the official news release, “Spanning nearly 4,000 square feet, the inviting cocktail lounge features bar-top games for guests to enjoy while sipping on a cocktail or watching sports on one of the six television screens that wrap around the bar. The new venue offers personalized bottle service, craft cocktails, and premium spirits and beer.”

Video poker, yes. Cocktails, yes. Sports and televisions, required by Nevada law.

Heaven forbid you stop watching sports and interact with other people for 10 minutes.

Glass Bar was designed by Rockwell Group, a longtime partner of Caesars Entertainment.

The reason Glass Bar looks like it has thousands of crystal prisms is because it has thousands of crystal prisms.

Good luck keeping track of all these, construction dudes.

Specifically, “The clear, amber and gray crystal prisms create an ombre lighting element, while faceted, mirrored columns reflect the light and energy throughout the bar.”

Obviously! If you couldn’t tell this design features an ombre lighting element, you are a rube.

On the bright side, no karaoke, lounge acts or dueling pianos!

The cocktails sound fantastic and tourist-friendly.

“The cocktail menu includes the ‘Fruit & Pebble,’ made with Bacardi Superior rum, fruity pebble syrup, lime juice and fruity pebble dust as a garnish. Guests can also indulge in ‘The Light Show,’ which features Ketel One Cucumber & Mint Vodka and Lagoon Bay Aperitif and is topped off with Fever Tree cucumber tonic water. Perfect for Instagram, this refreshing cocktail is served in a glowing blue vessel. The ‘Casino Carnival’ includes Grey Goose Strawberry & Lemongrass Vodka, passionfruit puree, lime juice, sparkling wine and a cotton candy garnish.”

Planet Hollywood didn’t share cocktail photos, so we made amends with A.I. and boom.

Yes, the cocktails are probably going to cost $26. It’s not about the drinks, it’s about the experience. Don’t be a rube! New and shiny and sexy AF aren’t free.

We love the vibe of Planet Hollywood’s casino, we just don’t visit often because of the aforementioned inaccessibility (other than from The Strip by foot). Parking is no longer free in the Miracle Mile Shops, in case you missed it.

Glass Bar is going to be a stunner, and seems a perfect fit for this casino. It’s translucence is sure to appeal to those seeking to see and be seen when they’re out and about on the Las Vegas Strip.

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