The Apple Vision Pro was launched only a week ago and already we’re beginning to see some exciting apps to go with it. Such as Outtakes, an app announced on Wednesday (Feb 7) that will allow users to create and move around their dream-like worlds.

Utah-based software company, Outtakes broke the news of the launch of its flagship Outtakes App on X. It will run on Mac devices equipped with Apple Silicon chips and creates immersible worlds for wearers of the mixed reality headset.

Outtakes App uses its generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create “immersive animated 360 worlds” which are then upscaled to 8k. Apple Vision Pro users are immersed in the visual creation through the headset’s display.

Users will need author prompts for Outtakes AI to use as the basis for the generation. It then uses the text=to-image model Stable Diffusion to fulfill the request. This is done on an Apple computer and then sent to the Apple Vision Pro for users to enjoy.

The app is built using Apple’s CoreML, which allows developers to integrate machine learning into their apps. It makes use of the power behind Apple Silicon chips and the Vision Pro’s built-in Neural Engine chip to serve content to users.

CEO of Outtakes Justin Means said in response to questions on Twitter that although the app currently generates flat 360 images using a skybox, both full 3D and volumetric depth maps are on the roadmap for future development of Outtakes.

Means has stated that as it currently is, using Outtakes and an Apple Vision Pro is “a lot like being in the New Vegas Sphere.” One user compared it to Star Trek’s Holodeck, though true interactivity seems to be a long way off. Outtakes App is predominantly visual at this stage of its development.

Many generative AI tools allow users to create images and videos based on prompts, but Outtakes App’s integration with Apple’s native technology and its included editing capabilities are what set it apart from similar competitors.

When is the Outtakes App coming out?

Currently, there is no announced date for the release of Outtakes App, but it is generating some excitement on social media. CEO Means has stated that he is “excited to get this out” and was offering beta access to interested users, implying that the general public should not have to wait too long for the launch.

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