OVERWERK stands out as one of the most talented, creative, and captivating artists globally. He has gained acclaim for groundbreaking projects like “ORIGIN” and the 22-minute opus “VIRTUE,” showcasing his versatility. His compositions and projects have received licenses from numerous brands, leading to collaborations with renowned entities in fashion and art, including Prada, Vogue, BMW, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Comme Des Garçons.

His latest EP, titled MORE, serves as a testament to his just how talented he is talents. Each track is accompanied by visually stunning videos featuring intricate digital sculptures and mesmerizing visuals, collectively narrating a mysterious and compelling story. The depth of thought and labor invested in MORE and its visuals is mind-boggling, with OVERWERK conceptualizing and creating every aspect of this artistic endeavor.

Each song on MORE contributes uniquely to the overarching narrative. “US,” the inception point, echoes OVERWERK’s early signature sound, visually represented by a meticulously sculpted digital portrayal amid symbolic rubble. “APART” delves into emotional layers, portraying the OVERWERK sculpture in introspective or reckoning moments amid rubble. “OF” explores industrial and experimental sounds, complemented by visual images of a deconstructed, skeletal OVERWERK, creating an unnerving experience. “SOMETHING,” a mainstream sound on the EP, is accompanied by visuals inspired by M.C. Escher’s “Hand with Reflecting Sphere,” hinting at existential awareness. The final/title track, “MORE,” symbolizes a culmination with the sculpture of OVERWERK’s partner and a reflective sphere, suggesting a profound conclusion—a physical or ego death marking the end of this awe-inspiring project.

We had the opportunity to chat with OVERWERK to learn more about his creativity and the EP. Check it out below!

The “MORE” EP and its accompanying videos seem to weave a complex and captivating narrative. Can you share some insights into the inspiration and creative process behind the EP, both musically and visually?

The EP’s narrative evolved naturally, starting with ‘US’, which I initially intended as a single. The track is a collaboration with EgoSon, a new artist discovered through my Discord community. The track had this unique balance of feelings, and I began to imagine how it mirrored emotional events many of us experience throughout our lives. As each track developed, I envisioned a physical sculpture that could encapsulate the essence of the music and add more meaning to the story unfolding.

The titles of the tracks on “MORE” form a cohesive sentence: “Us, A Part Of Something More.” Can you elaborate on how you integrated the vocal samples of each title into the layers of the music, and how this technique contributed to the overarching theme and storytelling of the EP?

We incorporated scattered vocals into the track ‘US’, but no discernable words emerged. The technique felt new, but the resulting feeling was familiar, like when one is engrossed and unable to find the right words to express their emotions. A moment where the feelings are clear, but the thoughts come after, almost catching up…

Following ‘US’, I created the track ‘A_PART’, which implies separation and the accompanying emotions. The mood expressed in this track is more sombre and contemplative. 

Each song uses vocal samples from the previous, slowly stitching together the story. The EP’s arc builds towards a more optimistic conclusion, with each song serving as a chapter of this journey.

In “SOMETHING,” you mention a visual correspondence inspired by M.C. Escher’s “Hand with Reflecting Sphere,” exploring themes of existential awareness. How do visual arts, particularly iconic works like Escher’s, influence and inform your creative vision, both in terms of music and visual storytelling?

I breathe in art like air. Art is my favourite way of processing information, experiencing stories, and understanding the perspectives of the people who create them. 

In particular, M.C. Escher’s work draws attention to “perspective” and our conscious experience. It’s incredible how he contextualizes these grand reflections and themes within flat pictures. When I create or tell stories through music or visuals, I attempt to do the same.

When I create a song, sculpture, or image, I’m expressing very personal experiences. Honesty of expression helps connect us. I love experiencing the art of others as much as I enjoy creating my own.

Your previous projects, such as “ORIGIN” and “VIRTUE,” have showcased a fusion of digital and hand-crafted elements. How do you decide on the artistic mediums for each project?

I spent years crafting a narrative to complement the song, Virtue. Initially created for a Chanel High-Jewelry campaign, I later developed an entire world around Virtue for its second life. This involved designing digital sculptures that represented the cardinal virtues and the ethical values they symbolize.

I developed the 3D sculpture story for  ‘Virtue’ because I have a strong interest in 3D design. 

The ‘ORIGIN’ project started as 3D art, then progressed to 3D printing, handcrafting, and eventually traditional casting and sculpture making. It was not a conscious decision but rather an evolution driven by my curiosity and interests. I enjoy experimenting with various art mediums to explore the diverse ways one idea can come to life.

Your music has found resonance in the fashion and art communities, with collaborations with prestigious brands like Prada, Vogue, and Chanel. How do you see the relationship between your audio and visual art projects and the world of fashion and luxury brands, and how do these collaborations influence your creative direction?

Fashion, although slightly more commercialized, is a form of self-expression, just like music or art. People use it to tell stories and convey their thoughts and emotions. It’s only natural that music, having the same goal, would easily align with these brands.

All of my brand relationships have emerged serendipitously. A designer or creative director will contact me and say, “Hey, this is what we’re doing, and it seems to align perfectly with your music.” I get involved with projects that feel like natural pairings.

I want any collaboration I work on to extend the vision of the work, be it mine or theirs, in service of the art and the story. My ultimate goal is for the listener or audience to gain something from these collaborations.

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