Microsoft is ramping up marketing of its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant Copilot with an advertisement designed for the Super Bowl launching on YouTube. While they are not allowed to specifically describe it as a Super Bowl ad, the use of the words “game day” in the title is a big clue.

The ad highlights the multiple ways in which Microsoft expects users to engage with Copilot. It is prominently shown on both a home computer and a mobile phone to illustrate the fact that Copilot is not locked to Microsoft decides and can be used wherever its users are. The closing tagline of the advert is “Anyone. Anywhere. Any device.”

In the advert, users are shown using Copilot for a very wide variety of tasks. Microsoft is trying to create an extremely broad market appeal for the tool. From quizzing someone on their organic chemistry to generating code for a budding video game developer, Copilot seems to have a lot of uses.

Demonstrating to a wide market what an artificial intelligence tool can do for them is a big challenge and if Microsoft’s ‘game day’ ad can show the general population how and why they might want to use an AI, they could see huge uptake on Copilot. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched televised events so the advert will reach as many as 100 million people or more.

What is Copilot?

Microsoft has been developing its AI assistant for some time, but until recently it was known as Bing Chat. In December, Microsoft integrated OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 Turbo with its tool and rebranded as Copilot. This brought Copilot much closer to its current feature set by incorporating code interpretation.

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the Pro version of Copilot. It includes enhanced features and priority access to the newest AI models, ensuring a top-of-the-range experience for paid customers.

On Thursday (Feb.8) Google announced the launch of Gemini Advanced, marking a significant update to its own artificial intelligence technology.

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