Are Dollar Tree prices are going up?

Dollar Tree 2024 Price Increase

We’ve spotted Dollar Tree price increases in 2024. 💵

Dollar Tree customers are starting to see some interesting price tags at the budget-friendly store. Hip members have personally spotted price tags marked $1.50 and $1.75 and multiple people across the internet are reporting the same.

Some of the items we’ve seen marked up to $1.50 include sunglasses, reading glasses, and balloons. We’ve also spotted 1.25 liters of soda going for $1.75.

According to rumors on TikTok and Reddit, Dollar Tree may be reabsorbing Dollar Tree Plus and this will result in the store having tiered pricing up to $5. Some locations are already putting price scanners in the aisles so you can double-check the exact price.

We’ve heard from some insider sources that these price increases have just started and will be incremental as time goes on. The 2024 Dollar Tree price increases are also being confirmed on Reddit by store employees and managers. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more news!

dollar tree basket in front of bins in store

This increase is coming just as we thought prices were decreasing.

Last June, Dollar Tree’s CEO surprised patrons by announcing some items would be dropping back down to $1. The dollar pricing was extended to about 300-400 of Dollar Tree’s roughly 8,000 products.

At the time, Dollar Tree’s CEO Rick Dreiling stated, “It’s pretty hard to have a banner like (Dollar Tree), and you have an item that everybody else has at $1, and you’re at a buck and a quarter.”

So far, there is no information on whether these products will see a price hike. We’re crossing our fingers that these items will still be offered for just a buck!

Have you seen price increases at your Dollar Tree?

Even with a price increase, the store is a bargain! Here are our favorite Dollar Tree items!

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