Kinder Chocolate

Head over to Amazon to score this Kinder Chocolate 1.8oz Bar 18-Pack for only $14.10 (regularly $18.77) – just 78¢ per 4-bar pack!

For comparison, Walmart charges $1.48 per pack.

Each of the 18 packs features four individually wrapped bars, making it perfect for portioning or sharing. These bars are made of velvety milk chocolate with a creamy, milky filling.

Kinder Chocolate 18-Pack

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What’s not to love about Kinder Chocolate?!? There is absolutely nothing we can think of. My entire family loves this chocolate. These bars are a favorite, too. The pack comes with 4 individually packaged bars, in case you want to share or eat one at a time- I’m not judging if you choose to do neither though! The milk chocolate is so smooth and decadent. The milky filling is creamy and sweet. It’s the perfect treat to satisfy a sweet craving!

I love how this bar is individually wrapped on the inside into 4 pieces. This is great to be able to save for later or share. The chocolate is so delicious it is like eating a premium bar. The inside isn’t gooey or sticky it just melts in your mouth goodness. I highly recommend!

This is a great treat if you are a chocolate lover or even if you just have a sweet tooth. It tastes great! You can tell the chocolate is made with high-quality ingredients and it is very smooth. I would definitely recommend this product and this brand.

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