Oppo launched the Find X7 Ultra in the first days of 2024 with the first dual-periscope camera and a promise for satellite communication version. Three months later, the company finally delivered on that promise, and the version is avaibale on China Telecom’s website.

The carrier’s listing revealed a new model number, more storage, and a new price tag reflecting the extended featureset.

Oppo Find X7 Ultra review

The phone with model number PHY120 will have 1 TB storage – that’s double the current top version on the market in China. The new Find X7 Ultra variant would cost CNY7,999 (over $1,100), which is a 15% increase over the current price tag for a 16/512 GB option and no sat-com.

Satellite communication allows the phone to directly connect for calls and messages to a satellite orbiting over the Earth, unlike the cellular phone that needs to connect to a cell tower linked to a comms hub, which is then linked to satellites.

Oppo is finally launching Find X7 Ultra with satellite communication

Oppo does not plan to bring the Find X7 Ultra outside of China, but the next gen of Find series will go international.

We also don’t know the official shipping date of the Find X7 Ultra with satellite communication. We expect it to happen on March 29 when Oppo is hosting an event in China.


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