Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s developer, Fatshark, is planning to revamp the popular four-player title throughout the rest of this year.

The game is a cooperative shooter in the same mold as Left 4 Dead and the fantasy-inspired Vermintied titles the Swedish games studio has produced to great reception.

This title puts you in the shoes of a recent imperial army inductee as part of the Astra Militarum, the rank-and-file grunts of space war in the far-flung future of the Dark Millennium, where the game is set.

You must venture deep into a human warren of immense size, called a Hive, to root out a cult dedicated to pestilence and corruption on behalf of the Inquisition, the enforcer of law and order throughout the galaxy that is tasked with taking out any alien or demonic threat.

Darktide developments

Speaking to the Darktide community, which sits at 108,395 users strong according to SteamDB, the studio broke down its intentions for 2024 via a blog post.

“Our first update will focus on a comprehensive revamp and expansion of the penance system, including adding many additional rewards and a completely new way to earn them,” the message to fans would say.

The penance system is the game’s progress and rewards tracker. As you play a conscript attempting to win back the favor of the God-Emperor, you don’t achieve rewards; rather, you gain penance in the eyes of the all-seeing religious order to spend on cosmetics, trinkets, and a whole host of other items.

Fatshark is looking to overhaul its “current itemization process. With the new system, we want to remove a lot of the unpredictable grind that came from an RNG-heavy system while giving players more agency and a steady progression toward specific load-outs, blessings, and stats refinement.”

The studio goes on to say that in 2024, they will be adding new “missions, new enemies, new weapons, new conditions, and new features alongside balance updates, quality of life additions, along with some other surprises which we will share in due time.”

Fans of the shooter will be excited to see what the studio has to showcase, and although the revamp of the game’s internal mechanics are light on details, Fatshark will be documenting this development journey and will “be sharing more information on this update by the end of the month along with a dev blog, so keep your eyes peeled on our Communication channels to learn more.”

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