Spotify is journeying into mystical new areas with an in-app version of a Magic 8 Ball.

Spotify is well-known for its quirky features, whether that’s wrapping up your year in Spotify Wrapped or the rumored increasing use of AI in song recommendations. Spotify’s new feature, Song Psychic, can apparently answer your questions with a simple song response. Users can ask questions, either written themselves or via prompts within the app, and get an answer in song form.

The song itself, the artist, and the album cover appear on your screen, with the option to click through and listen to the song if you choose. If not, you can revert back to the home screen and get the answers to more of your most burning questions.

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Spotify users are taking to X to share examples of some of Song Psychic’s answers. Check out a few clips of the new feature in action below, ranging from fairly predictable to pretty downright bizarre.

How to try out Spotify’s Song Psychic

Spotify Psychic
Spotify Psychic

To try the new feature out for yourself — head to this webpage and scan the QR code. This will open Song Psychic in the Spotify app.

You’ll be presented with several categories, ranging from friends & family and love to career and style. Once you’ve picked the right topic for your question, you can either type in a question of your own or pick from one of the app’s many prompts.

After a few seconds of deliberating, where you’re left staring at a psychedelic screen, Song Psychic will return with a song that answers your question. It’s a fun little feature but does seem to be a bit repetitive. We tried out five questions and got Lorde’s Green Light three times. Of course, it’s an easy way to say ‘go ahead’ or ‘yes,’ but we don’t think it’s necessarily based on some sign from the greater powers that be out there.

Featured image: Spotify

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