A close-up view of a burial trench between rows of individual graves, excavated between the concrete foundations of the Royal Mint, from the excavation of the Black Death cemetery, East Smithfield, London, view looking west. (Photo by MOLA/Getty Images)

Above and below: London’s Crossrail excavations unearthed victims of the Black Death

MOLA/Getty Images

Alice Roberts (Simon & Schuster)

ANOTHER year, another really good book from archaeologist Alice Roberts. Part of me almost wants to find that the quality has slipped, just for the sheer surprise – but no, her standards are as high as ever.

Roberts may be the UK’s best-known archaeologist, in part due to her many TV appearances. She has also written a string of books, including Wolf Road, her first children’s novel. Her specialism is osteoarchaeology, the…

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