It’s not your imagination, February was a long month this year—longer, in fact, than it has been since 2020.

Welcome to Leap Day, that odd quadrennial occurrence that lets the Gregorian calendar catch up with the Earth’s orbit. It means an extra day of winter for the U.S., yes, but it does keep the seasons in sync—and, once again, retailers are making a big deal out of the day by giving away all sorts of freebies and discounts.

It’s a good day to ignore the diet, especially if you’re one of those rare people who claim today as your birthday (which typically results in even more giveaways). Here’s a look at some of the offers to keep an eye out for as you’re out and about.

Free and cheap food for Leap Day 2024


Customers can get a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart during breakfast hours while supplies last. The new menu item originally went on sale Monday


Members of the fast-casual’s Rewards program are able to get a free side of guacamole on Leap Day for any orders placed online or via the company’s app.

Krispy Kreme

The doughnut chain is never one to let an event day go unnoticed. Patrons who order a dozen original glazed doughnuts can get a second dozen for $2.29 on Thursday. (And if it’s your birthday, you’ll get a free dozen—no purchase necessary.)

Noodles & Co.

Noodles Rewards Members can take 29% off their order of $29 or more.

Legal Sea Foods

Extra hungry? Get two lobsters for $29 at the seafood chain.

The Melting Pot

It’s unclear if this special is being offered at every location, but at the Bedford/Burlington, Cincinnati and Minneapolis Melting Pots at least, you can get a cheese fondue, salad and chocolate fondue for $29 per person, or take $29 off “The Big Night Out” for two.

Insomnia Cookies

You can get a bonus cookie with every six- or 12-pack. And if it’s your birthday on the 29th, you’ll get a free six-pack.

Marco’s Pizza

Get 29% off any menu-priced pizza by using the code LEAP29.

Other Leap Day deals and freebies


The office supply chain is giving away 29,000 free passport photos in stores to its Easy Rewards members. You’ll have to have the picture taken today, though.


Got a birthday today? Build-A-Bear will let you … well, build a bear … for just $4 today. (The rest of us will have to pay full price.)

Great Wolf Lodge

Book a trip on Leap Day, using the code LEAP, and you could see overnight stays priced at just $29.

Planet Fitness

Again, it’s not clear how widespread this is, but in Massachusetts, at least, everyone, including non-members, will be able to have a free workout at the fitness center.

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