Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Austin, Vanglowe, a singer, songwriter, and producer, has crafted quite a remarkable sound. With a fresh perspective on infectious pop productions and a distinctive vocal style, Vanglowe has returned with yet another beautiful single, “Dance Around Me.”

“Dance Around Me” is an enchanting and captivating melodic house track, demonstrating Vanglowe’s expertise in the genre. Featuring infectious rhythms, emotive melodies, and mesmerizing vocals, the track invites listeners into a sonic journey filled with euphoria and emotion.

“Dance Around Me was created to encapsulate the euphoria and irresistible sexual tension between two strangers who meet at a club and fall in love on the dance floor. It assumes an unconventional song structure with a biased attention on the buildups rather than the drop itself. The song is in constant evolution where tension and attraction between the two lovers is ever rising.” – Vanglowe

Listen below!

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