When it comes to melodic house, few labels curate as well as David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records, whose free sample packs available exclusively through Magnetic Mag, have been a massive hit in the producer community. Additionally, they are always spotlighting new and rising talent whose music never ceases to amaze us.

The latest offering is an EP titled ‘Deep Into The Blue’ from Night Breeze and Dias Ridge. The EP’s title track is driven by vocals and establishes a lush, forward-propelling momentum from the outset. This momentum is sustained through delicate counter melodies and warm percussion elements. However, the track maintains a tastefully minimalistic approach beyond these aspects, allowing for little distraction as it gradually builds and intertwines throughout the arrangement.

The accompanying track “Descent” embraces the syncopated chord pluck sound, paired with an irresistible groove. The allure sustains from start to finish, giving off the feeling of pure bliss and contentment.

There’s no doubt these two make an excellent team and we hope to hear more from them soon.

In the meantime, listen below!

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