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Get more out of your grocery delivery!

Tired of those can’t–add–to–cart items in your fave delivery app? GoPuff is designed to bring you ALL the essentials, including over-the-counter medicine, alcohol, safety supplies, and more items that other delivery apps deny. Plus, they’re open later and deliver faster; need we say more?

AND, for a limited time, you can score 50% off your first alcohol order of $22.95+ with code DRIZLY at checkout!

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How do I place an order on GoPuff?

1. Start shopping on or download the FREE GoPuff app to easily manage your account.

2. Enter your delivery address and start shopping! Not seeing your location? Go Puff is currently expanding to even more areas, so bookmark this page and stay tuned!

3. Easily browse categories like snacks, drinks, electronics, and much more! Plus, be sure to check out the ‘Only on GoPuff’ tab for up to 40% OFF tasty exclusives you won’t find anywhere else! 😋🍪🍹

4. Add items to your bag with a minimum spend of just $12.95 and let GoPuff do the rest! Your order should arrive as soon as possible, with contactless delivery options so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule!

5. AND, don’t forget to use code DRIZLY for 50% off your first alcohol purchase of $22.95+! Max discount of $20.

NOTE – You may need to remove the automatic 40% discount in order to apply code DRIZLY. To do this, look for the ‘Add code’ button in the top righthand corner of the screen. 

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gopuff grocery bag surrounded by groceries

Check out a few more puffy perks! 

  • GoPuff is completely FREE to shop – no subscription required! OR you can upgrade GoPuff FAM for just $5.95/ month to unlock free shipping on ALL orders, faster delivery speeds, and much more!
  • Delivery fees start as low as JUST $3.95!
  • GoPuff operates 24/7 in several markets or open as late as 12:30am in other areas for all your late-night cravings and necessities
  • Plus, get speedy fast deliveryas quick as 17 minutes! 
  • Earn puff points with every purchase and unlock perks, discounts, rewards, & more

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Need a little more convincing? Check out this OUTSTANDING 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review…

Best app ever! GoPuff is literally my FAVORITE delivery service app. I’ve had it for a few years now and the growth I’ve seen is incredible. You can get virtually ANYTHING on this app ranging from random obscure beers to healthy snacks to skincare. If I forgot to pick something up at the store or am just feeling lazy, 9/10 GoPuff has what I need. It’s also insanely fast… items get delivered within 30 minutes.

I’ve ordered from GoPuff probably 25 times at this point and I’ve only had an issue ONCE. The customer support immediately refunded my money- and my order ended up showing up 30 minutes later. Last month my boyfriend and I unfortunately got COVID-19, he doesn’t have health insurance so COVID tests were $200 at all the clinics around us and the at-home tests were sold out…BUT OF COURSE, GoPuff was there to save the day!! They were selling at-home COVID tests for just $20 and were restocking them every day.

I also love their Sip Program, they do deals with beer companies that allow you to “sample” different beers for just 5 cents a can. Obviously, I always add a few 5-cent beers to my order and share with my friends when they come over. I could go on and on about how much I love this app!!  –emmagemma

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