8Bitdo makes some of the best third-party game controllers around, and one of them is now on sale for close to a record low price. The Ultimate C controller has dropped from $30 to $25.49 today only as it’s an Amazon lightning deal. It’s only a few cents more than the lowest price we’ve seen for the peripheral to date.


One of 8Bitdo’s most budget-friendly controllers is on sale for an even lower price.

$25 at Amazon

The Ultimate C is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, including Windows PC, Steam Deck, Android and Raspberry Pi. It’s a cheaper version of some of 8BitDo’s other peripherals.

It doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or a 2.5GHz connection. Instead, the Ultimate C connects to your gaming system via a 2.4GHz USB dongle. 8BitDo was also able to reduce costs by opting for a charging cable instead of a dock and removing the profile toggle seen in pricier models. There’s no support for 8BitDo’s Ultimate customization software either, but the firmware is upgradable.

The tradeoffs may just be worthwhile for an inexpensive gamepad from a well-known peripheral maker. The controller will run for up to 25 hours on a single charge, according to 8Bitdo, and there’s support for asymmetrical rumble when playing games on Windows (where you can plug-and-play via a wired connection as well). The field green and lilac purple colorways are quite fetching too.

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