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Dinner is speedi with this Ninja cooker! 

For a limited time, head over to where you can snag this Ninja Speedi 6-Quart Air Fryer & Rapid Cooker w/ Multicook Pan for as low as $69.18 when you select store pick up! Note price will vary by location.

woman taking out grill part from ninja speed with rice and chicken

Cook a 3-part meal in as little as 15 minutes all in one appliance with the Ninja Speedi, which can steam cook, air fry, slow cook, sear & saute, or bake a variety of foods simultaneously to feed up to four people.

In addition to the keep-warm and reheat functions, the non-stick pan and crisper tray are dishwasher safe for easier cleanup!

ninja speedi inside of it'd box at a store location

There are 14 different cooking options in the Ninja Speedi, including Speedi Meals, steaming, baking, airfrying, dehydrating, searing, saute, and more. You can cook everything from meat to pasta, rice, and vegetables with it. In one pot, you can cook four chicken breasts and a pound of pasta for the entire family!

You’ll also get access to Ninja’s Speedi Meal Builder with thousands of customizable recipes using ingredients already in your fridge or pantry!

Hip Sidekick Krystal can’t stop raving about the Ninja Speedi – it even saved her Christmas dinner!

My oven went out on Christmas Eve and let me tell you, if you guys don’t already own the Ninja Speedi I am here to give my testimony. So we had an entire menu ready but since the oven went out we had to go with a simpler idea. I was able to make an entire 6-pound chicken in 45 minutes, extremely juicy and perfect in my Ninja Speedi! Christmas dinner went on without missing a beat! – Hip Sidekick Krystal

The rest of our team LOVES this multifunctional appliance too!

This Ninja Speedi is a total game-changer for my family! We made an entire meal for our family of 4 in just 15 minutes and it was delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly and it’s so easy to use that even my kids will be able to make dinner using it!

I love that the outside of the appliance doesn’t get hot after use so you don’t have to worry about you or your kiddos accidentally touching it! I see this becoming our go-to kitchen appliance for sure! – Hip Sidekick Liz

I have been obsessing over the Speedi and it is well worth it! I thought the main purpose was to cook two things at once. However, you can make loads of stuff in it! I made my son banana cinnamon oats this morning for breakfast and an egg bake with bacon, cheese, and broccoli for lunch all using the Speedi! – Hip Sidekick Krystal

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