A new development in the freelance industry has emerged with the launch of Plebwork, a dedicated marketplace where freelancers can earn Bitcoin for their work, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Launched today, Plebwork offers a unique platform for freelancers to connect with Bitcoin companies and receive payment directly into their Bitcoin wallets.

Unlike traditional freelance platforms, Plebwork caters specifically to the Bitcoin community, providing a space where freelancers with expertise in Bitcoin-related skills can find part-time jobs with businesses operating in the Bitcoin space. Likewise, businesses seeking qualified part-time talent can access a pool of freelancers who possess in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin.

“We’re building a marketplace for bitcoiners to work together,” said Thibaud, a representative from Plebwork. “Whether working on Bitcoin wallet inheritance, educating individuals, or making Lightning easier, it requires a ton of people to work together in trying new things. We hope Plebwork can help bitcoiners do that while earning more bitcoin by building on Bitcoin.”

The launch of Plebwork aims to address a significant gap in the market, as many Bitcoin businesses have previously relied on general-purpose freelance platforms that may not cater to their specific needs. By offering a dedicated marketplace for Bitcoin-related projects, Plebwork hopes to streamline the process of finding and hiring freelancers while promoting the adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment for freelance work.

Plebwork is currently available in early access, allowing freelancers to list their profiles for free. Clients seeking to post jobs can request invitations and have their profiles verified to ensure they are Bitcoin-only businesses. With features like built-in invoicing and payment processing using BTCPay Server, Plebwork intends to offer a seamless platform for freelancers to earn bitcoin while contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

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