Many have been waiting for solid info on the next Grand Theft Auto game forever. This is after the last one took its sweet time spanning three console generations. But guess what? We finally got a sneak peek of what to expect, thanks to the trailer dropped on December 5, 2023.

It has also been officially stated that GTA 6 will be released in 2025, although a specific month wasn’t stated. With this confirmation, we find ourselves in the perfect position to engage in our customary expertise: making predictions.

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While the specifics of the highly-anticipated next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga will be unveiled in due course, let’s speculate on what might be in store for gamers. Now, what possible predictions are likely to come true;

The GTA 6 Characters

So, based on the leak we’ve been buzzing about, there’s this assumption floating around. While not confirmed yet, it’s creating quite a stir, suggesting that GTA 6 might have two protagonists you can switch between. Word on the street is they go by the names Lucia and Jason.

Now, if this intel holds, Lucia would break some serious ground as the first female lead character since the early DMA Design era of the series. It’s a big deal, considering Rockstar’s been at it for 25 years.

And get this: last year’s sneak peek showed these dual protagonists pulling off a heist at a diner with a glass front, just like that iconic Pulp Fiction scene. Talk about setting the stage!

GTA 6 Setting

Now, let’s talk about the setting of GTA 6. There’s sunlight streaming through the windows of that diner we mentioned earlier, casting shadows as palm trees sway outside. It’s got all the vibes of a pseudo-Miami Vice City scenario.

And the clues don’t stop there as eagle-eyed fans spotted signs with ‘Vice’ plastered around in trailer footage and images. Rockstar’s teaser image shared on social media also screams Vice City with its sunset hues and iconic palm trees.

Considering the series’ track record, this theory gains even more traction. GTA has whisked us away to iconic places throughout its fascinating history. We’ve strolled through the NYC-inspired Liberty City, soaked in the LA/California vibes of San Andreas, and relished the unmistakable Miami feels of Vice City.

The return of Vice City in GTA 6, following the 2002 release of GTA: Vice City and its 2006 spinoff, GTA: Vice City Stories, adds a significant layer to the speculation. It’s worth noting that, despite being one of the smaller maps in the series, Vice City’s impact goes beyond size. Sometimes, capturing the essence of a place is what truly matters.

The Extent of The GTA 6 Map

Now, let’s dive into the size of Vice City in GTA 6. While a brief reveal trailer might not spill all the details, it gives us a taste of the scale of this latest setting.

Following the expansive landscapes of GTA 4’s Liberty City and GTA 5’s duo of Blaine County and Los Santos, it’s likely that Vice City will mirror real-world Miami. This provides ample space for all sorts of adventures.

Interestingly, the original Vice City captured the mid-80s aesthetic with pastel-colored suits, aviator shades, and neon-lit streets.

As for the timeline of GTA 6, opinions initially vary widely as some speculate the present day, others post-GTA 5, and there’s even talk about exploring the 1970s. However, the trailer cleared the air, showcasing the current-day dynamics.

GTA 6 Online

The next iteration of GTA Online will unfold within the expansive open-world setting of the main game’s story mode. This implies that glimpses of Vice City in the story mode could offer insights into what to expect from GTA Online 2.0.

We might catch fleeting shots of properties, businesses, garages, or even airstrips that could be up for grabs. Considering the original Vice City’s iconic Malibu Club, known for its mix of hedonism and crime, we may see updates in GTA Online reminiscent of the After Hours nightclub expansion.

Returning GTA Online and GTA 5 Characters

In recent weeks, there’s been quite the buzz surrounding two of GTA 5’s main characters, sparking speculation across social media platforms.

First, Shawn Foteno, the actor behind Franklin Clinton, posted a cryptic tweet out of nowhere, stating, “If I told y’all I’d get in trouble.” The tweet disappeared shortly after, leaving fans intrigued about its meaning.

Later, Ned Luke, known for his role as Michael De Santa, responded to a fan’s inquiry about Michael’s return in GTA 6. He replied with a teasing, “It’s a mystery,” accompanied by five-star emojis.

While it’s tempting to cook up wild theories similar to a Marvel flair multiverse, Franklin and Michael are more likely to be gearing up for some action in Vice City.

Advanced AI

GTA 6 might have more realistic NPC behavior thanks to AI getting better. If you bump into an NPC, they might react more like real people, making the game more natural. If you mess with an NPC in GTA 6, their family members might even come after you for payback.

It’s a bit scary, but it also sounds like a lot of fun. To keep things exciting, maybe this revenge plot could only happen until you get caught or lose once in the game.

Heightened GTA 6 Rumors

The trailer released is a short affair. It was designed to tease us with glimpses of the characters, story, juicy action, and iconic setting. Inevitably, we find ourselves stuck with more questions than answers, hanging between the trailer drop and when Rockstar decides to release more concrete details.

Brace yourself as the world continues dissecting every frame, analyzing every hint, and stoking the rumor mill’s flames until the day GTA 6 hits the scene.

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