The next Nintendo Direct is scheduled for this Wednesday, the company just announced. It’s being billed as a “partner showcase,” with Nintendo saying it’ll show off Switch games coming in the first half of this year from “our publishing and development partners.” It’ll kick off on February 21, bright and early at 9AM ET.

While Nintendo holds these showcases on a regular basis, this one is potentially more significant than usual. Last week, Microsoft made an expected but still surprising announcement that it would begin bringing some of its titles to “other consoles,” a phrase that’s hard not to interpret as games coming to the Switch (and Sony’s PlayStation 5 as well).

Nintendo says it’ll be a 25-minute presentation, so there’s a chance we’ll hear about some games from other developers, as well. But we’re all expecting to see some news about what games Microsoft is going to bring over to the Switch. Microsoft only said that it would be bringing four games to other platforms but didn’t name them; the latest rumors cite Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Halo and Gears of War as likely options to make the move.

This comes at a time when Nintendo doesn’t have a lot of its own first-party games scheduled for the platform (that we know of, anyway). There’s also the looming specter of a Switch 2 console; reports just said that the hardware is getting pushed back to 2025 after an expected launch at some point this year.

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