According to Fortnite leaker Shiina, Fortnite Festival Season 2 is due to launch on Thursday, 22 February.

Fortnite Festival was launched in December alongside several other new game modes for the Epic Games battle royale. Fortnite’s expansion means its battle royale is now one of several options players have, expanding the ecosystem beyond shooter fans. It’s a rhythm game from Harmonix, the people behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Fortnite has long been known for its collaborations with big names, recently including Trevor Noah, One Piece, and Dr Who. Festival is no stranger to this. When it launched available music included Lady Gaga and the White Stripes, along with many others. There were of course also premium packs available to purchase with additional songs and cosmetic items.

Shiina’s Tweet speculates that we could get some hints about new music coming to Festival Season as soon as this week, as they are likely to be added in an update due next week ready for the season 2 launch on the 22nd.

What is Fortnite Festival?

Fortnite Festival is a game mode for Fortnite that centers around music and a rhythm game. It has two modes, the Main Stage and the Jam Stage. Both modes allow multiplayer with up to four people gaming together per session.

Fortnite Festival Main Stage is where players can go to play through the licensed soundtrack and the Fortnite originals. Players select their instrument and difficulty level and then dive straight into the game.

Fortnite Jam Stage is more creative and will be of interest to anyone curious about making their own music. Players can use ‘Jam Loops’ and control the key and tempo to make fun mash-ups.

What instruments are in Fortnite Festival?

Instruments in Fortnite Festival are cosmetic items that change how your character looks. There are five categories available, with multiple items in each.

  • Guitars
  • Keytars
  • Drums
  • Mics
  • Basses

Instruments are not a ‘pay to win’ type situation and will not grant any kind of bonus to players – they are purely cosmetic. They are available to purchase with V-Bucks and through progressing the Season pass.

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