Apple is finalizing a new software tool aimed at enhancing app development with AI, positioning itself as a direct competitor to Microsoft. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the tool, part of the forthcoming major update to Xcode, Apple’s primary programming software, is designed to assist developers by predicting and completing code blocks using AI.

Scheduled for release to third-party developers possibly within this year, the tool mirrors functionalities seen in Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot, suggesting Apple’s intent to solidify its presence in the AI-driven software development arena. The initiative also includes exploring AI applications for automating application testing, potentially streamlining a process known for its complexity.

Apple has increased internal testing of these AI features, encouraging engineers to use them in a practice known as “dogfooding” — using one’s own products to ensure they function correctly before public release.

Apple’s AI strategy

The development is part of Apple’s broader strategy to incorporate generative AI and large language models into its ecosystem, technologies that underpin popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT. Despite a perception of lagging behind competitors in AI, Apple has announced plans to reveal more about its AI endeavors later this year, potentially at its annual developers conference in June.

The upcoming iOS and iPadOS 18 updates are expected to introduce a range of AI features, with Apple hinting at significant enhancements in what is being codenamed Crystal. Similarly, the next macOS update, codenamed Glow, will also see AI integrations, though Apple anticipates a phased approach to rolling out these technologies.

In addition to software development tools, Apple is considering AI-driven improvements across its product line, including automated Apple Music playlists and advanced slideshow capabilities in Keynote. A major overhaul of Spotlight, Apple’s search feature, is also in the works, aiming to provide more complex responses and deeper app integration through the use of large language models.

Apple’s AI efforts extend to improving Siri’s response accuracy to complex queries and enhancing customer support and health features through AI. The company’s commitment to AI development reflects the tech industry’s race to leverage AI for a variety of applications, from enhancing user experiences to streamlining development processes.

As Apple progresses with its AI initiatives, it faces competition from companies like Samsung, which has integrated Google AI features into its latest smartphone models.

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