Ohenjoy Candle Warmer in pink on a desk

These candle warmers will give your home a cozy warm glow!

Candle lamps are our latest obsession and they make great gifts, too!

Here are the best candle warmer deals to grab right now!

A woman reading a book next to a pink candle warmer

“I love this candle warmer. Works great. Love that I can control how much light it’s giving and the timer is marvelous. Got one for daughter’s room and living room. Takes all the anxiety of burning a candle away but has a great smell with no burning wax after smell. Love it.”

a Candle Warmer Lamp with a black shade sitting on a table warming a candle

“This candle warmer works great! It evenly melts my candles and the timer and light adjustment settings are great as some of my candles are taller and need less heat because of how close they are to the light. This also came with an extra bulb which is great!”

a white candle warmer lamp sitting on a table with a smart phone plugged into its base charging

“I love to burn candles but I am always afraid of forgetting they are lit and leaving the house. This candle lamp solves the problem!! Not only is it safe but it works wonderfully! I love turning it on in the morning and in a few minutes I can already smell the candle scent. Highly recommend and I plan to buy another!”

candle warmer lamp in pink

Sokcvsea Adjustable Candle Warmer Lamp as low as $40.99 (reg. $49.99)
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Final cost $20.49 shipped!

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“These are great. Love the timer so I don’t have to worry about it. My candles last so much longer and the scent gets released a lot quicker too. The lamp adds warmth to the room without the fire hazard. The height is easy to adjust, and all of my candles fit perfectly.”

black candle warmer lamp warming coffee cup

Getohan Candle Warmer Gooseneck Lamp w/ 2 Bulbs $39.99
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Final cost $19.99 shipped!

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“I am completely impressed with this lamp. It does exactly as advertised. Such a great way to burn my candles without harmful black smoke from lighting wicks. I use it as suggested and only leave it on for about two to three hours. It’s a great lamp and lights up the room with the benefit of melting great-smelling candles.”

black candle warmer with jar candle on it

“This is amazing. I have a 3 wick candle and I don’t have to have it on high to get the fragrance. Love the 3 settings and the timer. Will be getting a few more once our cabin is built. The lantern look is awesome!”

Reidea Small Candle Warmer

Reidea Small Candle Warmer $23.99
Clip the 20% off digital coupon
Final cost $19.19!

*This candle warmer is perfect for single-wick candles!

“I love these candle warmers as opposed to actually burning candles now. It lets off just as much, if not more scent from the candle and it doesn’t put off any smoke that can discolor and make walls dirty. You can adjust the brightness of the lamp which also determines how much the candle melts and how much scent it helps put off. It’s a really pretty, simple style as well.”

Collin gifted the entire Hip team with this awesome candle lamp:

Hyindoor Candle Warmer Lamp on countertop

Reuse your candle jars with these handy tips!

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