Above & Beyond are back with their first single of 2024, and the new year sees the venerable UK production/DJ trio head back to their roots with “Crazy Love.” Enlisting the talents of long time vocal collaborator Zoë Johnston, “Crazy Love” is a vibey trance track featuring some of the main touchstones of any A&B classic. Delicate piano notes, soulful vocals all leading into a melodic synth buildup, “Crazy Love” is already an instant A&B classic.

The trio originally debuted the track at their Group Thearpy 500 show in Los Angeles back in summer 2022. Now, the track is finally available in all its final glory. For many A&B fans, Zoë Johnston’s vocals represent the pinnacle of their music, and this song is another one to add to the pantheon. This song is a blast of nostalgia, taking you back through more than a decade of Above & Beyond tracks.

“Crazy Love is inspired by a very beautiful human in my life who is blessed with a lot of gifts but also a lot of incurable struggles that many people don’t see or understand.” Zoë Johnston says. “I adore him for many reasons, including the fact that he spends no time judging others and does not invest energy in worrying about what others think of him. Crazy Love makes the world so much more colorful!”

Check out the latest from Above & Beyond, “Crazy Love” featuring Zoë Johnston, out now on Anjunabeats. Relive their EDC Las Vegas 2023 Set as well.


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