The Taylor Swift hoopla is set to continue into the Super Bowl. Not only is her presence at the game likely and the broadcast will likely show as much, her connection to the NFL has many advertisers pulling out all the stops.

They know that more eyes have been watching the NFL for a glimpse at her, so they’re putting advertisements up to meet those eyes.


The Super Bowl always brings in a ton of revenue due to the ads, but this year could be bigger than before. Not only are more advertisers stepping up for the Swift mania, but they’re spending more, too.

The NFL could see massive ad money from Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

A report from Sportico detailed that the NFL could see the ad prices soar over $650 million:

“While Guideline did not provide estimates of how much cash CBS is expected to generate on Sunday’s game, if the network didn’t allot an outsized portion of its inventory to in-house promos, it has a good shot at topping the high-water mark of $650 million that Fox reported as part of its May 2023 earnings call.”

Last year’s big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles had no Taylor Swift, and it made $650 million. If more people are watching for the pop superstar, that number might even be a low bar to clear.

Her relationship with Travis Kelce earned the league about $330 million, so that figure is expected to play into the Super Bowl as well. Ads are always huge for this game, but there’s an extra layer of attention in 2024.

Taylor Swift brings new eyes to the Super Bowl
Taylor Swift brings new eyes to the Super Bowl

Some Super Bowl ads have already begun to be shown off, including the FRIENDS advertisement that has gone viral.

Expect more of the same as companies look to take advantage of all the Swifties tuning into the Super Bowl for maybe the first time. There may not be another opportunity like this ever again.

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