Resorts World is adding another concept to its already expansive restaurant line-up: Copper Sun.

Copper Sun opens this summer in The District (sort of a shopping and dining promenade) at Resorts World. It will be across from Wally’s, and appears to bump up against Viva restaurant.

We’ve got all the exclusive details! And by that, of course, we mean, “We skimmed the news release.”

Resorts World would not be mad if this restaurant draws more gamblers from Asia. Or, you know, Palace Station.

Copper Sun comes from the folks behind the Happy Lamb Hot Pot chain. The founder of the Happy Lamb Hot Pot chain also created Little Sheep. Little Sheep operated Asia’s first hot pot chain (more than 700 restaurants), which was sold to Yum Brands for several bajillion yen or yuan or whatever.

Anyway, hot pots appear to be a thing! We are not a fan of hot or warm liquid, so it’s not really our thing, but we aren’t necessarily Resort World’s main customer demographic.

We were going to say “We likey!” until we learned the morpho-syntactic features of that expression and we’re in no mood to be canceled, so nevermind.

The Copper Sun cuisine is described as “Inner-Mongolian,” whatever that might mean.

Let’s just say we’d be as out-of-place at a foodie convention as Dan Aykroyd was during the recording of “We Are the World.”

Here’s what the official news release says, “Copper Sun will offer an elevated dining experience with a menu that includes its signature bone marrow broth and a premium selection of lamb and meats that are exclusive to this property. Additionally, the restaurant will debut an inventive cocktail menu inspired by the Asian ingredients found in its herbal soup.”

Mainly, we’re trying not to think about that temple scene in “Conan the Barbarian.”

Happy Lamb has more than 100 locations in 11 countries worldwide, so they must be doing something right. This is the first time the company has tried a fine dining version of its concept.

Inner Mongolia is the third largest Chinese administrative subdivision. Everyone there looks down on people in Outer Mongolia and considers them backward and poor, in other words, “they don’t have a hot pot to piss in.”

Is another Asian restaurant too much at Resorts World? No idea, but we’re a smidge concerned.

The food hall at Resorts World alone is already full of Asian concepts (priced, we assume, lower than Copper Sun will be), and they’re universally excellent, based upon our visits. Then again, our go-to was the chicken parm sandwich place before it closed, so take our advice with a grain of fermented soybean paste. That’s an ingredient in hoisin sauce. We aren’t a foodie, but we do have the Internet.

Resorts World continues to be an underrated gem. It’s beautiful and the food and beverage options are plentiful and most are outstanding. The machines are tight, and the place has had some scandals, but it’s great to hear about new things happening.

We’ll see you there when Copper Sun opens at Resorts World this summer. Because there’s nothing more refreshing on a 120-degree day in Las Vegas than a steaming bowl of soup.


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