Following their promising debut LP ‘Trail‘ and an enchanting journey of fifty European tour dates, Belgian musical  Kowari is preparing to unveil their anticipated second album, ‘Memento,’ slated for release later in 2024.

Comprising violinist and programmer Damien Chierici, alongside the virtuoso pianist and programmer Louan Kempenaers, the duo stands poised to transport listeners into a captivating realm of modern electronica. Anchored in the themes of exploration and travels, ‘Memento‘ will be an enthralling odyssey through sound, seamlessly intertwining classical instrumentation with pulsating electronic beats.

A glimpse into their evolved sonic landscape arrives in the form of the spellbinding lead single, ‘Tomorrow.’ Departing from their neoclassical origins, this mesmerizing composition showcases a seamless fusion of violin and piano intricately woven into an electronic tapestry. ‘Tomorrow’ emerges as a slow-burning symphony, exuding a delicate balance of classical refinement and electronic allure, skillfully blending arpeggios and machine-generated rhythms in a manner that is both sophisticated and accessible.

‘Tomorrow’ arrives with an official music video directed by Louis Kempeneers, further enhancing the immersive experience of their musical journey.

Speaking about their new release, they said: Speaking about their musical evolution, Kowari shared: “The Kowari DNA we imprinted on ‘Trail’ is still there. The piano, the violin, the search for melodic power in the compositions, the drive of the loops, the soothing moments. But there was also a desire to add organic warmth and go even further in the use of electro elements.

During our concerts, people cry on some tracks and dance on others.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

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